Super Specchio ...

Monday, April 16, 2012

It’s great to be back home after one of my busiest trips to Italy to date. I was working on prototypes for autumn winter 2013, and here are a few pics of what took place.


After visiting all three local tanneries we finally found the gold specchio leather I wanted to use for a lace-up and loafer style. As you can see I was pretty excited about it and got down for a bit of “where’s wally” with my gold top against the amazing ‘mirror’ leather.


Here are the first round of design ‘covers’ – which are just the designs drawn onto their last shapes to give a good 3D representation of the shoe. You can see here that I’m going with some classic detailed dress styles for AW13, but can’t wait to bring them out of their shell with an unusual colour palette. You can expect lots of kid suede, specchio leather and some pretty brilliant printed pony.


One of my favourite stages of the early design process is finding the perfect heel. Traipsing around the local heel makers can be a tiring business, but the heel shape dictates the entire silhouette of the shoe and can really make or break a style so it’s very exciting to find the perfect block to use.  (Here’s one for all those mid-heel requests we’ve had coming through!!! See, I'm listening.)


Each evening there are lots of decisions to be made on my hotel bed ‘desk’ before getting back together with the guys to implement my comments the next day … so a fair bit of late night margarita pizza is involved. It amazes me that after so many trips now I still never tire of this national treasure.