Jane Eyre ... just do it!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

.... I've been sleeping, breathing and practically eating shoes 24/7 for the past 8 weeks. So just thought it might be nice to take 5 and grab a movie .... and then tell you all about it before I dive back into my shoe carry on ... so here goes!

The Oscars might be six months away, but I tip the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre to take out a swag of awards.

I loved its melodrama and powerful lead performance by Australian, Mia Wasikowska. But what really made me weak at the knees is how visually it is beautifully balanced. The Gothic elements of Charlotte Bronte’s signature classic are mirrored in scenery and costumes that are saturated in blue and grey tones. In many ways, it reminds me of a 19th century Dutch painting.

If you haven’t already, don’t miss the chance to see Jane Eyre on the big screen. It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon film…with a choc-top in hand of course!

winter toes ...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Its still fairly chilly down here in Melbourne .... but our new summer gladiators are moving pretty quickly. Strange but true.

Just proves that summer is "just around the corner" for all of us - no matter where you live!

GPO pop up shop

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wow … we did it!

If you’re in Melbourne, do come and visit our new home for the next 5 weeks in the city’s GPO building!

To say we’re “excited” to be here would be an understatement! “Beside-ourselves” would be more fitting.

We had a few store locations on the list of possibilities, but I really had my heart set on the GPO space. So, you can imagine there was quite a bit of squawking going on when the approval came through.

Having a real life shop next to brands that rule the fashion roost is a pretty good retail starting point for us! We’re upstairs with Akira, Belinda, Zimmerman, Lisa Ho, Life with Bird, Manning Cartel, Tim O’Connor … and downstairs my all time favourite store, Dinosaur Designs has just opened up. Along with Skin & Threads, Acne, Sass & Bide, Willow, Fleur Wood, Fat, Alpha 60 … the list goes on.

So - even if you don’t need shoes, you should just get your toots into the GPO for all the other fashion goodness they’re dishing up. (But do come and say hello to us whilst you’re here).

Habbot pop-up shop
Level 1
Melbourne GPO
Corner Bourke and Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.
Trading hours: 10-6 Monday to Saturday, 11-5 Sunday.

New Summer collection on show (along with a few last pairs of Winter styles on sale 50% off)

... check out our speedy set up video on habbot studios Facebook page here.

Huge thanks to …

Clair Wayman from curio & curio for help with setting up the shop.

Tom Ripon for his magnificent ‘giraffe’ sculpture in store.

… and stay tuned for progress of Sarah Hankinson’s wall mural starting next week.

GPO .... here we come!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ok, so ten days ago I was telling everyone how I wanted a shop. Well .......  I GOT ONE!


“Lightning Abbott” they call me!


It's on level one in Melbourne’s beautiful GPO building and we'll be open for six glorious weeks from next Thursday 18th August onwards.



A few cool things happening (apart from showing off our new summer collection) .... Like Sarah Hankinson coming in every few days to work on a mural especially for us.


.... Along with the occasional tea party (which may or may not involve teas of the bubbly kind.)


... And other general pop-up antics which we will probably just make up as we go along!


We'll be keeping you up to date here on the blog but also every day on good old Facebook and twitter so get involved on our facebook page here or twitter @habbotstudios here if you're keen to hear it first!


If you can't make it into the city, make sure you check out our other stockists listed here.


Happy weekend People.

They're here .....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing much needs to be said except....Hello Spring Summer 2011

oh did we mention they're made in Italy!!

Daddy .... I want a shop.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

After such a good response to our SALE pop-up shop a few weeks ago, my desire to have a ‘proper’ shop is reaching fever pitch. Not a long term shop … just one for a month or two where we can showcase the full Summer collection in all its glory!

 So this week I started hunting around for a free space in Melbourne. I contacted a bunch of real estate agents, and a few possibilities have come up which I’m going to investigate over the next few days.


It’s a tricky one though … retail is super tough at the moment … and part of me thinks we’d be smarter to put the ‘rent’ money towards building up our ‘on-line’ presence … or perhaps advertising in some fancy magazines … or … a gazillion other things we could/should be doing to help Habbot grow.


… But I really do like the idea of a shop. What do you think? 

The summer collection has almost arrived from Italy … comfortably cruising the final leg across the Indian Ocean as we speak!


The shoes will be available to purchase on-line and at our stockist boutiques in a few weeks time. (If you’d like a slightly more definite date than this, make sure you sign up for the e-newsletter updates on the homepage!)


… in the mean time, check out the full collection via the look-book below.

Winter shoot fruit

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This week has been all about the pop-up shop which I must say has been quite wonderful. I have really loved being on the ‘shop floor’ and seeing "real people" get very excited about my shoes. Weird I know.

By "real people" I mean in comparison to on-line customers who are very lovely too - I just can't see the smiles on their faces like I can with these real life humans. Although I did just get a rather brilliant email from one who is loving the bordeau velvet lace-ups that arrived yesterday today. Thanks Kate!


… I’ve been channeling Rowan Atkinson a-la ‘LOVE ACTUALLY’ all this week at the shop.

But I won't bang on about more pop-up stuff as feel I've been loading up Facebook with pop-up shop banter all week ... 

Instead I thought I'd drop in a fancy shot I just got sent through from the winter 2012 look book photos we shot last week. “Real” nice don’t you think?


Pop-up Shop

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday we started a pop-up shop in Melbourne.

We're doing it with Sarah Conners who makes amazing leather handbags and accessories. We had lots of customers - one lady came in and bought 5 pairs of samples in 1 go - I gave her a sweet deal - just call me Andrew O'Keefe!

... anyway, can't talk - gotta run - got customers to fuss over.

Its on until next Sunday (24th July) ... come and get it folks!

Sale details:
where: 1 Earl Street - Windsor.
what: Autumn Winter final pairs, and one-off design samples.
When: 15th-24th July, 10am-5pm daily.

... and sale prices available on-line too at www.habbotstudios.com

Free Stylin'

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Since my return from Italy you could say I’ve been free-stylin’ a little with regards to habbot tasks!

In saying this, I mean I’ve been having fun wandering around my brain thinking of ways I can better communicate to the world what all the habbot fuss is about.

I’m not going to go into all the waffle I’ve been scribbling all over the walls of my studio (that will hopefully filter though nicely over the coming months) … but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed this time away from my stapler and hole-punch.

                                        My top 3 discoveries have been ....

Number 1: Girls dinners still do it for me

… even if all your friends have babies - they can still rock a 3-course meal on a school night! Two female feasting sessions in one week! Wowee.

Chin Chin. SU-PERB.


Click here for reviews

Gingerboy - still as good as ever!

Click here for reviews (like you need them!) 

Number 2: A new design agency I’ve started working with to help me bring all my bits and bobs of visual communication together. (Look out for some fancy changes to the website for summer). FYI - they have nothing to do with the look of this blog because if they did, it would look much better!

The ortolan team are all extremely clever, arty and a little bit random (in that they occasionally collaborate with the Australian Ballet on t-shirt projects - like this one! Amazing.)

Click here to read more on design files blog

Number 3: Buying your husband a huge floor clock for his Birthday is a risk worth taking.

(Even if it means sacrificing the world’s most photographed (but still most loved) Prada platform brogues).

Click here for more Prada brogue obsessions

… now it’s time to blow out the incense burner as there’s new season shoes to sell and a whole host of other big-wig stuff to tackle next week!