FROM THE STUDIO: Autumn window

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

With just 10 days before we officially hit winter, we thought we'd just squeeze in an Autumn window display. Our Armadale store is shown here - inspired by stunning Autumn leaves. Our favourite sort!

Desert boots speak to me … as does gold speccio leather (as I’m sure you’re well aware by now). They are not your typical soul mates – but there’s no reason why they can’t buddy up just fine. Look at them here, getting along like a house on fire. I’m sure the silver versions will be equally cosy in each other’s company wouldn’t you say? Spring Summer 2014 is looking good so far. 

- annie

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WEAR IT WITH: Black Murron

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Steven Alan top from Grace Boutique, J. Crew earings $113, Zimmerman pants $550, habbot 'Murron' black patent ballet flats $320.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Recently I took a break from shoes and tried my hand at a spot of habbot film making. Hah! …. Well,  me and a small team of people who actually know a little bit about the moving image! It’s a little story about the ever-clever habbot girl and her ability to overcome adversity in the trickiest of conditions … which may have involved a rogue pumpkin in this instance.We hope this to be the first of a series and look forward to bringing it to you over the coming month once editing is complete.


Launch event

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A tad late we realise, but couldn't not put up these photos from our recent season launch in-store event. Was so great to see so many familiar faces and new additions to our habbot appreciation society!! We hope you loved coming as much as we loved having you. See you all next time!

It’s difficult to find something that excites me more than glitter (confetti comes close). So if I’m thinking shoes and my mind wanders into glitter territory then of course things are going to get a little bit special.  Here are some early photos of what happens when we created a hybrid of my two favourite things. GLITTER. LACE-UPS....BOOM!

The small run of these are being made right now in Italy … I’m not there (which is killing me) … but the guys sent me some photos yesterday of the first little batch. Hold onto your hats my friends … they’re going to be magnifique!

- annie

(Send us an email if you want to go on the call list for any of these coming styles


Tome shirt from Grace Melbourne $518,  Celine Sunglasses, Secret South blazer $540,  scarf, Rag and Bone jeans $242, habbot lennox loafer $320, habbot fosie bag $450

habbot in VAMFF

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last week we were thrilled to be involved in the the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for the first time. Both Megan Park and Kate Sylvester runway parades featured girls walking in our shoes and I must say I had a little moment with myself as the lights went down, the volume pumped up and the girls strode out. As pair after pair of my little shoe babies sped past and I wondered if this is what it feels like for a mother to watch her child compete in their first school sports day! Proud as punch. 

Thanks to both Megan Park and Kate Sylvester for having us, and a huge thanks and congrats to Kate Gaskin for doing such a beautiful job styling the shows and bringing habbot to life on the runway in such wonderful fashion. 

Annie x

Italy trip update ...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On Friday I returned from another special two weeks in Italy. As a solo traveller my trips can generally be described in short as two weeks of intense designing, planning, colour co-ordinating, translating, suitcase pushing, soul searching and eating! I always come back exhausted but fired up and excited about the new story of shoes I’ve set in motion.

This trip was not to oversee production, but rather to finalise SS14 designs and plan the production schedule with my makers. So unfortunately I can’t show you much habbot shoemaking in action. (Stay tuned for that in June.) Nevertheless here is a random assortment of my Instagram shots from the trip. I hope they give you a taste of what I’ve been up to and where I’m heading with next summer’s range!

Milan window update

Sunday, March 16, 2014

During my recent trip to Milan I was pleased to find they were upholding their usual awesome standards in window displays. I guess its Milan so it’s kind of their ‘duty’ to do this … but still it should be applauded.

Special mention must always go to la Rinascente department store. This place is not only a treat for the eyes on the outside, its downright heavenly on the inside. The bag floor in particular holds a special place in my heart. It’s as if candy coloured / tutti frutti colour palettes (my favourite type) are always en vogue here. Even if they’re not! To avoid incarceration I didn’t take any photos inside so you’ll just have to go there to see for yourself. You can’t miss it – it’s the store near that massive church!

I do love a window display on a grand scale – no dainty dolls house style set ups for me. The further away you have to be from the window to take it all in, the better! If you can suspend mannequins from an 7 metre high window then do it … if there’s the option to oversize a chest of drawers to fill the same window then please, be my guest.

Having said this, the Tods window is a great example that you don’t have to use elaborate sets to create an amazing and eye-catching showcase. You just have to keep it balanced and let the product take full credit. (It helps if the ‘product’ is perhaps the most stunning printed leather skirt you’ve ever seen!)

  I love window shopping in Milan. I suppose most people would. It appears that a lot of people like 'actual' shopping in Milan too. In addition to the wall to wall eye candy there is such a buzz about the place. The main shopping district is teaming with ‘shoppers’.  People getting excited about beautiful things and forking out to purchase them. I miss this a bit in Melboune, except during sale period and that’s not really the same vibe now is it? Maybe we need more suspended mannequins in Australia. What do you think?            annie x