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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello my friends … it has indeed been quite a while since I posted a decent blog entry (8 long weeks in fact). Unfortunately I am without a good excuse other than I’ve been crazily busy and keep putting the blog writing off until another day for fear of writing something completely mad at 3am in the morning. This obviously means that I’m not a great ‘blogger under pressure’ …. But hopefully I can still apply for the good ‘shoe girl’ under pressure title - And I guess that’s really what this is all about isn’t it? Shoes.

So, if you can accept that rather round-about ‘apology’ for my absenteeism … I thought I’d skip you quickly through the last 2 months via a pictorial montage (minus the music).

Everyone happy? Good – let’s carry on then shall we.

PART 1: Website evolution

Early Feb we upgraded the website to one that included lots more information about the brand, and also an on-line shopping section.

Shopping on-line for shoes is a tricky business so I was really focused on putting lots of helpful information about the shoes and their sizing onto the site. I invented a ‘size check’ method using ‘footprint’ diagrams of each different style that will hopefully help people estimate their size (in length and width), and included the standard zoom functions, product descriptions and multi-view images. As a final recourse the return and exchange shipping is free so hopefully all of this will give people the confidence to buy on-line! Or at least check out the styles in detail before contacting a store stockist.

footprint 'size check'

PART 2: Look-book photo shoot

We decided to add a human touch to the Spring Summer 2011 look-book by shooting the shoes in situ (i.e. on feet) and then got really carried away and decided to use an entire person! That person being the magnificent Tracy-lee. She did her wonderful thing in-front of the lens of my favourite photographic perfectionist, GAZi. (Special thanks to the brilliant Charlene and Shane for the abundance of flair they brought to the table at our twilight styling session, and at the shoot itself.)

PART 3: Delightful press.

Throughout the month we were lucky enough to feature in some other great print and digital media. This included; Instyle, Shop til you drop, The Age Melbourne Magazine, Herald Sun Weekend and Broadsheet Melbourne.


Shop til You Drop

The AGE Melbourne magazine



PART 4: Shoes arrival.

On 28th Feb the ship carrying cartons of precious habbot studios cargo cruised into the Melbourne dock. It was with much excitement that we unpacked every shoe box into our warehouse. It was very much a family affair – and my huge thanks go out to the special Hawthorne / Abbott helpers.

I deliberated for a good 15 minutes over whether or not to include this photo below – as it is very anti-fashion in both look & feel, and I’m not a massive advocate for including shots of myself in this blog! But I think the very happy yet thoroughly exhausted looks on both Dan and my 4am faces says a lot about what starting your own business dream is all about! So on that grounds, I’ve put it in. (oh dear)

Part 5: Sydney finds.

I recently spent a few days showing the Spring Summer collection in Sydney where I was fortunate enough to meet 2 very special Melbourne based labels ‘Leisa Flannery’ and ‘Sarah Conners’  – and the women who have created them. I must say these ladies really made this recent Sydney trip for me such a great one! The beautiful Jewellery and leather goods they have created made me very ‘Melbourne proud’. This got me thinking about another amazing woman (and clothing label) that I’ve met these past few months, Bento (by Samantha Hardman) and realize that starting my own shoe line is giving me so much more than just shoes! So I’m going to mention them now, but might bang on about them a little bit more another time.

If you have a moment, take a look at their websites below.

(I actually stole these images from their websites without asking because I was in a hurry to get this up before the ‘working week’ begins again. I hope the theft is well received ladies!!!)

PART 6: New Stockists

We delivered our first batch of shoes into two Melbourne stockists last week so just wanted to make a little mention of the fabbo stores who’ve welcomed us onto their shelves and websites!


Horse with No Name – 203 Greville Street, Prahran. 03 9077 7002

The facebook page describes the store as … “industrial meets old world feel … warm and welcoming … candles and fresh flowers … one on one service … Australian and overseas clothing and accessories” and I’d agree with all of this.

But if this were a competition entry and I had to sum it up in 25 words or less, I’d also say “Devine shop on Greville offering a unique line-up of apparel and accessories with a level of sophistication and imagination matched only by its owner, Kamahl!”

Styletread -

“StyleTread is an Australian online shoe store aiming to deliver the most sought after styles from a large range of Australian and select international designers with fast delivery and a 100-day free return policy.”

Clearly I pinched that straight from the website, but truly I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great broad range (they’re adding more European shoes as we speak) … and easy easy easy.

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