Window love.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I must admit I am quite a sucker for great store window and tend to really lose it over VM that follows a simple format yet, you guessed it, involves amazing colour. Clearly there is no shortage of that in Milan so here are a few of my favourite stores snapped on the way to dinner this week.


Louis Vuitton absolutely takes the cake with this arrow theme … to be honest they can’t really put a step wrong when it comes to their windows … and this rotation is no exception.


Prada stopped me in my tracks with their fruity luggage arrangement … but it definitely has a LOT to do with the loafer slippers on show. Um, excuse me, can someone please bring me a chair I need to sit down.


Ferragamo and Valentino show what you can achieve with simple mannequins and great lighting … and um some pretty spectacular product!


Most of the stores in this street (Via Monte Nepoleone) and surrounds are big label stores for obvious reasons, but some of the ‘lesser known’ stores put on an equally fine show.

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