#shoesnoop- Clare Cousins

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Architects tend to think of things from the ground up when designing a building. The foundations need to be strong and the structure reinforced or everything else will crumble. The same can be applied when choosing an outfit, if the shoe fits, the rest will follow.

Melbourne architect Clare Cousins adopts the ground up theory in both her work and her wardrobe. She has run her award winning practice, Clare Cousins Architects, for over a decade and is a busy mother of two. Clare’s day is non-stop. She’s always on the go: in the office, the car, site meetings, school picks ups, you name it. People like Clare have the potential to break Fitbits with their jam-packed days of activity, and it’s when you have the ability to clock the pedometer that a reliable shoe collection becomes a necessity. This architect’s collection is practical with personality and a step in the right direction if you ask us. 

What was the first pair of shoes you remember owning as a kid, and why did you love them? 
A pair of black patent leather Mary Janes to go with the hand smocked dress my mum made. They were my shiny ‘good’ shoes reserved for parties and special occasions. 

What pair of shoes are you still lusting over from childhood? 
As a child in the shoe department, I always wanted colourful high tops to wear with a balloon skirt to emulate Cyndi Lauper or Madonna, in the toy department I always wanted a Cabbage Patch doll. I never got either! Moving into my teenage years I wanted a pairs of Vans as I was all about the skater boys and Nirvana.
What do you think your current shoe collection says about you? 
Practical with personality.

What is your all time favourite pair of shoes? 
It has to be a pair of Marni platform sandals I bought at an outlet mall near Palm Springs a few years ago. They’re black and gold, and have a Geisha sensibility about them that I love.

The age-old debate: Heels or flats? 
I mostly wear flats for comfort and speed. Heels slow me down and don’t cut it on a construction site!

What has been your biggest splurge on shoes? 
Until recently I never really had a big splurge on shoes, well, this was the case until last weekend. I bought some McQ Alexander McQueen platform loafers that tipped the scales. 

Where’s the best place your shoes have taken you? 
Dancing in Cuba on our honeymoon.

Be honest, do you keep your shoes in or out of the box? 
They all exist out of the box and in my shoe cupboard. I’d forget what I own if they lived in their boxes. I often start with my shoes when deciding what to wear each day so it’s helpful to have them lined up next to each other.

What type of shoe would you never been seen in? 
White stilettos as they rarely evoke a sense of quality.

What’s your biggest shoe regret? 
Brown gladiator sandals from about 10 years ago, the ones with the long laces designed to snake up you shin to your knees. I never wore them. Scarily the maxi-gladiator shoe style made another come back last summer. I saw ladies wearing them in Mykonos on our holiday last month, and that’s where they should stay, on a Greek island!

What attracted you to habbot’s Seal style and made you add it to your shoe collection?
I wear flat lace ups all the time for comfort and speed, so Seal was an easy choice. I have a thing for pointy toes at the moment as well! 

Where are you planning to wear your habbots this Spring?
I’m sure they’ll become a work staple but also handy on the weekend with denim. 

Your verdict on ugg boots out in public, yes or no? 
Never in public, not even on a quick dash to the supermarket! 

How many pairs of shoes are too many? 
As long as you wear them all there can never be too many. 

Finish this sentence: Whatever happened to the Old Lady who lived in a shoe... 
I don’t know what to say, she’s so mean and should have been introduced to the concept of contraception! That many children would tip me over as well.

To find out more about Clare Cousins Architects and their recent architectural projects visit their website here, or follow Clare on Instagram here.
Clare chooses habbot’s Seal style in black to get her from A to B this spring. 

Words | Lisa Marie Corso
Photography | Amelia Stanwix

#shoesnoop- Bonnie Ashley

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bonnie Ashley is one of the most supremely stylish people you will ever encounter. She is one of the rare types of people that can make a hessian potato sack look couture. Bonnie is one half of Melbourne design duo, Bonnie and Neil, which she runs with her husband Neil Downie. Together they and their team create colourful and bold cushions, bed linen, napery and tableware featuring their hand screen printed designs, straight out of their Brunswick studio. Their range is stocked widely across Australia and internationally in impressive places like Liberty in the UK and Le Bon Marche in France. 

Similarly to Bonnie’s prints, her wardrobe is jam packed full of colourful textiles, the perfect amalgamation of coveted designer threads, vintage finds, street labels, and the appropriate accessory for every occasion. We’ve witnessed first hand Bonnie carry out the physical work of a screen printer in the studio, all while wearing a printed Marni dress and tribal beaded necklace, draped in an apron. 

Which of course leads us to Bonnie’s shoe collection, an impressive archive of footwear she has purchased over the years. During the day her job requires her to be practical on the studio floor, but anything goes after 5pm in the shoe department. For this designer, the more outrageous the better, as Bonnie admits her spiritual shoe style would be “a pair of embellished sandals with tassels, mirrors and pompoms. More is more!”

What was the first pair of shoes you remember owning as a kid, and why did you love them? 
Kung Fu shoes!  I think every kid in the ‘80s wore them.

What pair of shoes are you still lusting over from childhood? 
I always wanted a pair of sparkly jelly sandals. Even now as an adult, I am still drawn to sparkly shoes to this day. Some things never change!

What do you think your current shoe collection says about you?
That leopard print is a neutral.  I’m a fan of wearing lots of different patterns together, so for me leopard print is a staple in my wardrobe, it’s probably the plainest pattern I own.  Most of my shoes are patterned or have some embellishment or another.

What is your all time favourite pair of shoes? 
My red suede shoes I wore to our wedding, which will always be sentimental!

The age-old debate: Heels or flats? 
Both! Depending on whether I am in the studio or not.  I’m on my feet all day at work so during the week I’m mostly in comfortable flats, I live in K Jacques leather sandals summer and wear boots in winter, but I love wearing heels out and about.

What has been your biggest splurge on shoes? 
An amazing pair of Saint Laurent leopard sandals, but I cannot say how much as Neil might read this.

This season Soda is not only a refreshing drink, but habbot's latest glitter heel sandal. What attracted you to this style and made you add it to your shoe collection? 
I am drawn to anything sparkly as a self-confessed magpie and I love the heel height on Soda.

What are you planning to wear your Soda sandals with?
A patterned maxi dress is my summer uniform over summer, so definitely pairing them together is a must! 

Where’s the best place your shoes have taken you? 
Through the palaces in Jaipur, walking through these majestic places and feeling inspired, wandering in the footsteps of those who had been there before.

Be honest, do you keep your shoes in out of the box?
Not in a box, I’m pretty messy, so all of my shoes are kept out and mostly sitting in a pile.

What type of shoe would you never been seen in?
Never ever trainers unless I’m at the gym!  

What’s your biggest shoe regret? 
Silver clogs with wooden heels that I bought on the Outnet. They were a last minute purchase before my friend’s wedding. Also a pair of pink heels I bought online as a panic purchase before my own wedding. There is definitely a theme with my spending!

Your verdict on ugg boots out in public, yes or no?
Definitely not!  For me, ugg boots are for ‘at home’ wear only! Although I do have a pair, and let me say, they are really comfy.

If you were a pair of shoes what would you look like? 
Something extravagant, like embellished sandals with tassels, mirrors and pompoms. More is more!

How many pairs of shoes are too many?
There is no such thing as too many!  But if I had to say a number, perhaps 50 pairs is edging towards the tipping point. 

Finish this sentence: Whatever happened to the Old Lady who lived in a shoe…
She lived happily ever after. What’s not to love about living in a shoe!

To find out more about Bonnie and Neil visit their website here or follow Bonnie on Instagram here.
Bonnie chooses habbot’s Soda sandal to get her from A to B with a glitter in her step. 

Words | Lisa-Marie Corso  Photography | Amelia Stanwix

Creature of Habbot

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Our love of fun and colour is no secret, and that is no exception when it comes to sunny days, balmy nights, and everything great about Spring and Summer. So, to celebrate the arrival of our latest collection we knew we needed something special to make our ‘Fun Philosophy’ wider known.

Luckily for us, our favourite Fashion Photographer STREET SMITH and Fashion Illustrator Kelly Thompson were all too obliging to have a whole lot of fun with our latest statement shoes for the season. The results are stunning… well and truly putting a spring in our step this season!

This season is characterised by a playful take on faithful classics. Seal is our signature flatform brogue reinterpreted with a black sole and deep blue finish. Connect is our favourite mid-heel with contrasting body for the ultimate outfit matching! Last but not least is Glue for everyone who enjoyed Dish and Tag historically, perfectly handcrafted and lovingly finished as always. 

We are fast approaching the end of Winter so be sure to visit our new beauties in store to help you blossom this Spring!

Happy wearing x

LOOK 1: Kelly wears Habbot Seal lace ups with a metallic thread Skivy, Ellery Tony dress, Lucy Folk sunnies, clutch and rings.
LOOK 2: Kelly wears Habbot Connect heels, with C&M shirt, Cmeo Collective dress, Lucy Folk sunnies, clutch and rings.
LOOK 3: Kelly wears Habbot Glue brogues with Keepsake kimono, Nobody denim, Lucy Folk sunnies, clutch and rings.

Concept-Production-Styling-Result. Liz Sunshine.
BTS photos taken by Amelia Stanwix.

Chorizo and Broccolini Tortiglioni

500g Tortiglioni pasta
500g Chorizo
3 bunches of broccolini
1 bunch of parsley
1 ½ cloves of garlic
1 fresh hot chilli
½ lemon
¼ cup of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

- Fill a big pot of water and bring to the boil
Add salt to the water.
Once rapidly boiling, add 500g Tortiglioni pasta and cook al dente.
- While pasta is cooking slice the chorizo, garlic and chilli paper thin.
- Tear three handfuls of parsley (chopping will bruise and spoil the parsley).
- Cut the broccolini into small parts.
- Cover the base of a fry pan with good quality olive oil and allow to heat up.
When hot fry off the chorizo until slightly crispy on mid-heat, add the chilli and 
garlic and fry until the garlic becomes transparent.
Add the broccolini and fry off together until the broccolini stems are a vibrant 
green, season with ½ lemon juice, salt and pepper.
- Your pasta should be boiled. Strain and toss in the fry pan with the chorizo and 
broccolini sauce; cooking until the broccolini is semi soft (not squishy or mushy).
- Take the pasta off the heat, mix through with parmesan.
- Consume solo in one delicious sitting. A goblet of red highly recommended!

I do a lot of my designing in hotel rooms - so it’s a big consideration on any trip I take!

The Perfect Designer Shoes for Travelling

It’s a dilemma all travelers are familiar with: which shoes should you take on holiday?

Luckily we always have the answer and the shoe, and were thrilled to be chosen by Bupa Travel Insurance to feature in their travel guide series ‘Style Guide: The Perfect Designer Shoes for Travelling’. It showcases the work of ten top Australian shoe designers and which of their designs are the most suitable for holidays to the world’s hottest destinations.

Our footwear collection offers a range of luxury leather shoes produced in Italy from the finest local materials. 

Each and every shoe and accessory is designed for wear and flair in all of my favourite travel destinations by focusing on every last detail to ensure you always feel pretty fab wherever you are in the world. This attention to detail is vital key for me when applying alternative fabrics and colour combinations to classic shoe patterns, such as my favourite travelling shoe – the traditional brogue lace-up of course.

I never want to see another boring ‘appropriate’ travel sole. Mix it up with the unexpected that will have you turning heads. Think polka dots in Paris, pomp poms in Tokyo, and velvet in Vienna… all available amongst this season’s collection.

Match the geometric pattern in your shoes with an equally striking clutch in the same eye-catching design and voila! You have yourself an effortless travel look. 

Whichever colour you choose you can be sure of the very finest quality, and timeless style, which has seen Habbot included in the illustrious list from Bupa, of which I am happy to be a part of.

Personally, I would love to be in France nibbling on petit fours in my Smoking lace-up dessert boot whilst walking along cobbled stone streets.

But for now I must keep designing for summer!

#keyingredient | Sixteen Rum Cocktail

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sixteen Rum Cocktail

This signature cocktail for Crodino is the Sixteen Rum, apparently named by a Count in Piedmont who served it to attract young and fashionable guests to his home (just like us right)?! It is said that the drink is offered as a token of esteem and wish of love- but we think it just tastes good!

25ml Martini Rosso
100ml Crodino
25ml Rum
Orange Slice

- Build like above
- Shake and serve
- Repeat above!

Chocolate and Mandarin Lava Cake

Nothing beats a little bit of gooey chocolate pumped with mandarin goodness on a cool winter night.

80g Loving Earth Mandarin Mylk Chocolate, chopped
100g butter
150g brown butter
3 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
50g almond meal

- Preheat oven to 200C.
- Butter four ramekins and place on a baking tray.
- Melt chocolate and butter until smooth- set aside to cool slightly for 15 minutes.
- Mix in the sugar and eggs (one at a time), followed by the vanilla extract and almond meal.
- Divide mixture between the four ramekins.
- Bake for 10-12 minutes until the top are firm but the centre gooey.
- Carefully run a knife around the edges of each cake, serve with a dollop of ice-cream and devour all four yourself!

* To win all of the chocolate you see here check out our Instagram @habbot by 16/5/2016

habbot at VAMFF 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

Another VAMFF is upon us and this year we teamed up with Akira Isogawa and Megan Park in the Premium Runway 3 presented by Instyle magazine. 

The show was styled by Kate Gaskin who once again showcased our  shoes in a fresh light by pairing them with some unexpected yet oh-so-beautiful ensembles! 

It definitely helps having such great Australian designers as the centerpiece of each segment but the footwear and accessories certainly work to tie each look together so it’s always a thrill for us to play a supporting role in events such as these. 

This year VAMFF is celebrating 20 years of age, so the relocation to the amazing exhibition buildings was a Birthday treat for us all … let’s hope it stays there! 

Photography: Kirsty Umback.  Lucas Dawson (via Megan Park). 

Collaboration launch event

Thursday, March 03, 2016


On Tuesday night we officially launched our habbot x Emma Lipscombe collection and an exhibition of Emma’s recent works at our Collingwood studio. It was wonderful to have so many colourful and creative friends of habbot in the one space. Thank you to our generous sponsors Austins & Co wines, Alhambra Reserva and Norda water for helping us celebrate our inaugural artist collaboration in such style. 

Be sure to visit the ongoing exhibition of Emma’s recent works at our Collingwood studio space during the hours of 11am-2pm before it closes this Saturday 5th March. 

2 Robert street, Collingwood.

The collaboration capsule shoe and clutch bag pieces are available to purchase in limited quantities in both of our city store locations here and on-line here

Thanks to The Project Agency for helping us hold such a fantastic event and to Amelia Stanwix for capturing it in these photographs.