During my last trip to Italy to design this Spring’s collection, it dawned on me that what I was doing was much like what a chef would do to create their most unique and exciting dish possible.

A chef would scour the fresh produce markets for the finest and most inspiring seasonal ingredients; inspecting anything that piques interest by sight, feel and smell. 

I may not scour markets but I do trawl the textile houses and tanneries to find exceptional materials. I search high and low for the finest and most interesting leathers and textiles of the ‘season’.

I search for colour, vibrancy, freshness and irrefutable quality to bring you truly unique and inspired shoes.

Enjoy ‘To Market’ handpicked for you this Spring.


“Just as a chef would seek out the finest and tastiest produce at the market, I too search each leather and textile house high and low to bring you the finest, most unique and inspired shoes.” Annie

Croc Shock!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Never smile at a crocodile? What a load of croc! 

This winter we have soft yet durable statement croc embossed leather on offer, so we've put together a little infographic about some of our croc styles. Enjoy!

Our last hoorah at High Street!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

After nearly 3 years at High Street Armadale, we’ve now outgrown the office and warehouse space at the rear of the building and need to move to bigger premises. 

Naturally we continue to love serving our customers in our 2 city stores in the Royal Arcade and the Strand Melbourne, but if you can't make into Melbourne town, then we always have free shipping and returns right here on our website.

To celebrate our time at 1011 High Street Armadale, as well as the new collection we're having a last hoorah at High Street - I’d love to mark this significant milestone with you in person. 

Annie x

Celebrate our last hoorah at High Street with us!  

Thursday 23rd April, 10am – 8pm 

Enjoy champagne and a 10% VIP discount all day! 

Behind the scenes winter 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apart from designing the shoes, which is an incredibly intense and solitary process, my favourite part of each campaign is the photo shoot. 

Conceptualising, planning and working with incredible creative talents to show off habbot shoes in all their glory is so fulfilling… getting a little teary now!

For Library 2015, we joined forces with the exceptionally talented Heather Nette-King to style the shoot and photographer extraordinare Mike Brown. I applaud both for their creative talents, eye for detail and also their patience! 

And finally the family affair wouldn’t be complete without my husband Dan taking and compiling the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video. I hope you enjoy.

Nothing’s black and white this winter; intrigue, decadence and bold hues abound with Library winter 2015

When designing the winter 2015 collection, I had a real library and book appreciation moment. I was getting in the mood for the darker months ahead and although the indulgence of reading a book from cover to cover may not actually be a reality, the thought alone was exciting enough!

I‘m in awe of the look of a floor to ceiling bookshelf crammed with books, stacked as high as the eye takes you. In Italy once, I saw the most incredible book shop. At first it looked like a total mess with books piled everywhere, but looking closer, there was a weird order to the place.

I also go a little mad for a highly stylized and considered arrangement of books in a library, arranged by colour, size, age and decoration and how they can be combined to create an intriguing overall aesthetic. Who needs the Dewey decimal classification system when you have incredible looking books! 

Now for a few confessions... 

Number 1. I would never declare myself a book worm or to know much about literature, but I do love a good read. To be honest, nowadays when I tuck into bed at night with my book I tend to fall asleep before I make much progress! 

When putting together some of my favourite reads to name the shoes in the Library collection though, I was truly surprised at just how much I loved and remembered these particular books. 

I’m thrilled to be celebrating some of my personal well-loved classics with you, a nod to some very special reads. 

Number 2. I love to snoop into someone else’s library. Seeing what the unsuspecting person who has invited me into their home likes to read, what has influenced their attitudes and how they arrange their stacks, for me is better than looking through their bathroom cabinet any day! 

So break the spine and unfold the mystery by taking a tour of Library.

Talking shoes and style with Kate Gaskin

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We had the opportunity to ask VAMFF stylist Kate Gaskin a few shoe and style related questions which she kindly obliged to answer, even during her super busy schedule last week!

Do you have a special shoe memory from your childhood or teenage years? 
I was a mad keen basketballer back in the day so all my pocket money used to go towards the latest pair of hightops- a favourite were definitely my first pair of Reebok Pumps! 

If you could only own one pair of shoes, what type would they be? 
Probably a staple black brogue- they're comfy, stylish and can work back with just about anything. 

Where was the most memorable place/s your shoes taken you? 
I spent a few years living in London many moons ago. Whilst it was one of the most memorable times of my life I found myself constantly broke! I took over a pair of black leather boots with me and wore them nearly every day as I couldn't afford to buy other shoes! They saw me through all the highs and lows of London life, and they're still hiding in my wardrobe to this day (looking very worse for wear mind you). 

How do you store your shoes - are you a box stacker, a shoe rack, or a pile? 
In my work life I'm pedantic about laying out shoes on set in an orderly and aesthetically pleasing manner, but for some reason my own shoes get very neglected and mistreated- definitely a throw 'em in the pile kinda girl. 

When you arrive home, where do you kick off your shoes? 
Coffee table, at door... Usually I go straight to my room as soon as I get home and kick off my shoes. Although if I'm wearing heels on appointments during the day they end up in my car straight after and I drive bare foot! 

Follow Kate on Instagram @Kate_Gaskin

habbot in VAMFF | behind the scenes

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We’re excited to be supporting the designers Shakuhachi and Macgraw at VAMFF this week and thrilled to be able to share some behind the scenes images with you, at a fitting headed up by show stylist Kate Gaskin. 

Having worked with Kate previously, I was again not only in awe of her talent but also her composure; she is officially the calmest cookie under pressure that I've come across in the fashion world to date! Kate has been working around the clock to pull together what will be yet another fabulous showcase of Australian designers work.
The brands we are teaming up with capture two different very different aesthetics and what I love most is that it highlights just how versatile our collections are and how habbot shoes can work no matter what your personal compass is or how you like to self-style.
Sisters Beth and Tessa MacGraw launched their eponymous label in April 2012. Fusing classic silhouettes with polished, modern lines. They don’t mind a bold print or pattern either, many of which they hand-draw in-house, so definitely my type of girls! 
Jessie White’s label, Shakuhachi brings together a sophisticated blend of modern, somewhat geometrical designs – a distinctive style cleverly combining exquisite detailing and distinctive prints across a myriad of materials from leather and structured crepe right through to fine jerseys and silk. Like me, Jessie’s material imagination seems to know no boundaries!
We hope you enjoy the snaps taken when we stopped by the fittings to see Kate in action, a little look behind the scenes...

Notes from Italy

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Just back in Melbourne and feeling good. Not only to be home and at the thought of reconnecting with family and friends, but I’m feeling really good about what’s in store for the coming habbot SS15 collection.
Although I desperately want to spill all the beans about SS15, I’d better hold tight as to be completely honest those beans are still being baked and my mind is still in a whirl of ideas, concepts and possibilities!

I do want to share with you just some of my finds from my recent Italy tour though. Unusually I spent most of my time in the north moving between Milan and Florence, visiting our lovely craftsmen in their workshops and going to the combined MICAM/MIPEL event, the world’s leading footwear, hand bag and accessories exhibition and Lineapelle, the international leather fair in Milan.MIPEL provided a great opportunity to catch up with our accessories makers all in the one location as they all exhibit their work at this fair. I finalised spec sheets for some fantastic new cashmere beanies for winter and arranged a much broader soft leather glove offering as well after the popularity of these beauties last season. (I may have gotten a little bit carried away with the colour selection here so prepare yourselves!) I confirmed the new bag samples and am super excited about the next instalment due here soon – any takers for soft leather and pony trim backpacks my friends?
This visit to lineapelle was once again a memorable one. The quality of leathers on offer as well as ingenuity of finishes always astounds me. Italian leathers are bold and unabashed, yet they never compromise on quality. Trims are making me smile and as always the ‘delight’ will be in the detail.
Saving the best for last though... Our biggest news of all is that habbot may be entering the world of moccasins aka ‘driving shoes’, with a few samples in the pipeline. By moccasin I don’t necessarily mean ‘Last of the Mohicans’ or Nana-style, but those of the chic yet colourful 'habbot' kind!

After The Bell | new Autumn 2015 collection

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Those magic hours after the school bell sounded for the day is the inspiration for the habbot Autumn 2015 collection, 'After The Bell'.

A time of freedom, fun, imagination and exploration, where creativity was fostered and friendships formed.

At first we'll explore the Games played after the bell and then over the coming weeks pay homage to the Cooking and Craft projects we embarked on. 

Do you remember the games you played in those magic hours, after the bell?

And if so, how did they shape the person you are today; your interests, hobbies and passions?

Did dressing up instill a love of fashion or did Domino toppling lead to an appreciation of building or engineering? Did a game of Hide & Seek heighten a sense of adventure, exploring a place where you may never be found? Or did Checkers make you able to critically appreciate the world around you?

For me, I remember not only endlessly filling sketchpads and sewing clothes for my cabbage patch kids, but I also have to admit, I repeatedly counted the coins in my Moneybox... a designer and an entrepreneur in the making!

Games and play may seem so trivial now that we're grown-ups, yet they are still so very valuable to our lives. No matter how old you are, where you live or your circumstances, play can still be part of our lives.

On that note, take a look at our new shoes inspired by Games!


Money box, Dominoes and Checkers

Hide n Seek and Dress Ups


Would you like to work with us?

Friday, January 09, 2015

An exciting and rewarding opportunity exists as sales manager of the Melbourne Strand arcade store of Melbourne based women’s footwear and accessories brand, habbot. 
Full time role
Melbourne CBD location (Strand arcade location accessed via the Emporium.)
Opportunity to work within a close knit management team to directly influence growth path of this flourishing business. 

habbot is proudly owned and operated in Melbourne by Annie Abbott with the help of her small team of marketing, design and sales professionals. Each habbot collection is designed in Melbourne and hand made by a team of skilled craftsmen in Italy. habbot currently operates three Melbourne stores and ecommerce site www.habbotstudios.com and prides itself on offering outstanding quality footwear and accessories in unexpected materials and colour palettes. 

We are seeking a candidate that possesses the following attributes; 
Vibrant and naturally energetic personality who thrives within the retail sales environment. 
High achiever and natural team player excited at the prospect of leading and motivating our strand arcade team. 
Ability to read and respond to different customer personality types and offer them a consistently excellent level of service at all times. 
An interest in the creative process and manufacture of quality goods with an appreciation of bold colour and unique design. 
Excellent communication and people management skills that enable the successful applicant to serve as a resource for all members of the organisation. 
Ability to work autonomously and demonstrate initiative. 
Previous experience as a store manager or assistant manager in a similar retail environment. 
Computer literacy (MS Office)

The successful candidate will be expected to take on these roles and responsibilities;
Develop and maintain good customer relationships associated with the Strand Melbourne store.
Introduce a variety of methods to motivate team members to achieve sales targets and uphold company values. 
Work alongside other sales and marketing team members to conceive, implement and deliver on innovative sales and marketing strategies. 
Organise and maintain procedures involved in the day-to-day running of the strand arcade store including staff rosters, communication of company policies, VM adjustments and stock control. 

To apply for this role, please send a copy of your resume with covering letter that briefly addresses these three questions (200 words or less) to info@habbotstudios.com
1. What do you hope to gain by taking this role at habbot?
2. What do you consider your most valuable attribute for this particular role?
3. Name three brands (other than habbot) that represent your own personal style and/or values and briefly explain why.