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January 17, 2011

Time is racing by and I haven’t stopped to include a little post about my trip to Italy pre-Christmas. So, in order to get one in before Easter arrives, I’ve just put together a ‘collage’ of sorts of photos I took at the workrooms.

There’s a few in here of my Autumn Winter shoes in varying stages of production … and another lot of the first sightings of Spring summer 2011 prototypes.

Unfortunately my lovely shoe makers had been so passionately preparing for their Christmas knees-up that they had only managed to make the very initial prototypes (in rather plain brown/black leathers) and weren’t up to the second stage where the beautiful summer colours come into play. So I’ve included some photos of the my summer colour leather hides in the hope that you can get the general gist of things to come. I’ll include some better pictures of these proper coloured versions when the next samples arrive in a few weeks time.

Autumn Winter images ....

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Spring Summer images ....

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