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July 9, 2010

This week I have started thinking about the habbot website and how I'd like it to look, and equally importantly, how I'd like it to function. The habbot website will serve as a wonderful 'showcase' for each season’s collection, provide stockist details, and will also include an online shop.

We all know there are some amazing websites out there, and the imagination and graphic design skills being utilized are nothing short of brilliant in many cases... but I'm a bit of an old fashioned girl, and whilst it's essential for a site to look the goods, it’s also got to work just as smoothly.

Annie Abbott blog

Here's just a few of my favourite websites for form AND functionality! ( www.thenorthcircular.com, www.rachelgilbertshop.com, www.elleryland.com, www.net-a-porter.com.)

After putting my thinking cap on here's a first draft of my 'must haves' for www.habbotstudios.com;

Visible MENU options. (That are not hidden and do not require scrolling over/clicking to find).
Great quality photos. (Showing all angles of each shoe).
Detailed product measurements. (Including heel height, and foot width).
"CLOSEST STORE" listings. (Providing stockist store details if you'd prefer not to buy it on-line).
"SHOP BY" options. (Filters items in your selection; By size, colour, heel height, shoe type etc)
"BACK IN STOCK" page. (Highlights previously 'sold out' items).
"WHAT'S NEW" page. (Highlights recent new arrivals).
"COMING SOON" page. (Showcase new season styles with 'notify m' option when stock arrives).
"TELL A FRIEND" function. (Item details can be directly emailed through to a friend).
"WISH LIST" function. (Enables compilation of your 'wish list' that can be emailed to your nearest and dearest. Hint hint!)
"CHANGE CURRENCY" (Enables shoppers in countries outside Australia to see their local currency prices).
"FIND STOCKIST" (A general listing of all stockist store locations).
GIFT VOUCHER option. (Eliminates difficult gift decisions!)
CARE INSTRUCTIONS (Simple ways to protect each particular shoe).
PACKAGING information. (About the shoe bag, box etc that accompany all habbot shoes).
FEEDBACK / COMMENTS / CONTACT us. (Provide an easy line of communication).
Great FAQ page. (Answers all the big questions - especially those relating to return/exchange procedures).
So, that's my website wish list for now!

If you have any thoughts on the above, or some wishes of your own to add, please go ahead and leave me a COMMENT below this post and I'll throw it into the mix.

Finally, I'm yet to finalise my choice of designer and programmer for the site so if you've had any great experiences with web designers / programmers then go ahead and send their details my way!

p.s. A huge thanks to all those people who have filled out my survey (and last week's poll). I must say I've been quite overwhelmed with the numbers of participants. Thanks also to all those who've forwarded it on for me as well. I'll leave it open, as the more 'shoe lover' feedback the better, but will send through a little summary of my findings shortly.