A week for ticking boxes and tying knots

This week I've been ticking off a few jobs that have been on the To-Do list for some time now. Such as .....

Sewing shoe bag prototypes to send off to my supplier (these will accompany each pair so your shoes can travel in style & comfort too). Ok - nothing massively exciting about this, except I am fairly pleased with my little 2 pocket shoe bag invention that will come with each pair of shoes. I also added a little loop so the draw string can be slung over your wrist/shoulder if you need to transport a pair of back-up flats to slip on after a day in heels (or vice versa of course).

I then hit the shops just to see what's going on with retail now that summer collections are well and truly in-store here in Melbourne. I was keen to chat to the sales teams also to try to get some little indications of whether my shoes might be right for their customers which was a really great exercise. Even though I came across some of the loveliest sales people, I still found it easier to get chatting if I was behaving like a customer, so it ended up being a pretty expensive few days!!! Money well spent I say, all in the name of 'market research'. (That’s what I'll tell my accountant anyway!)

As I sent through the final draft for the look-book, I realized that I didn't report back on the 'Shoe Name Poll' I had running on this blog several weeks ago now. 61% of pollsters preferred the 'city bar/cafe names’ idea so I went with that one. I decided to use a combination of city bar names, and also the actual laneway names too. So, each shoe is named as follows; Movida, Von haus, Trunk, Misty, Murmur, Rue bebelon, Degraves st, Hosier lane, Crossley st. (I contacted each bar to ask for permission, and got a whole bunch of lovely encouraging emails back. Makes me want to go out for a drink just to say thanks!)

But shoe talk aside.... The big news for me last week was really that my beautiful sister got married. (You can see why my mind couldn't stretch much further beyond "shoe bag" talk today). 

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