Daddy .... I want a shop.

After such a good response to our SALE pop-up shop a few weeks ago, my desire to have a ‘proper’ shop is reaching fever pitch. Not a long term shop … just one for a month or two where we can showcase the full Summer collection in all its glory!

Annie Abbott blog

So this week I started hunting around for a free space in Melbourne. I contacted a bunch of real estate agents, and a few possibilities have come up which I’m going to investigate over the next few days.

It’s a tricky one though … retail is super tough at the moment … and part of me thinks we’d be smarter to put the ‘rent’ money towards building up our ‘on-line’ presence … or perhaps advertising in some fancy magazines … or … a gazillion other things we could/should be doing to help Habbot grow.

… But I really do like the idea of a shop. What do you think?  

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