Growth spurts ...

My sister pointed out to me this morning that I may have gone a bit off track with the blog as she was missing hearing about how much pizza I’ve been eating in Italy, and other important aspects of the Habbot journey that don’t necessarily revolve around my obsession with the pop-up shop!

… and blow-me-down, I think she’s right. So today I’m giving you an update on how we are growing as a brand.

Annie Abbott blog

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I have enlisted the talents of a sales agent to help me sell the collection into Victorian stores this season. I am a terrible sales person (chronic case of tongue tied-itis) … so this new addition to our extended ‘team’ has been a God-send.

I’m happy to say that she has done a wonderful job and signed up a bunch of new stores that will be proudly selling our habbot shoes in Winter 2012. It will bring our number of Victorian stockists up to nine!

…. Now we just need to sort out some interstate boutiques … and beyond!

Annie Abbott blog

As we move through our second season, I’m confident that there is increasing demand for our beautifully made shoes. Our on-line sales have really ramped up over the past two months (especially to NSW and WA) and our current stockists* are seeing good sales results from their new season shoes. To top it all off … a particular pop-up shop (which shall remain nameless in this blog post for fear of upsetting the sister) has proven beyond all my expectations that there IS a place for habbot in this world.

Pheeeeew - as the designer and business owner this comes with a huge sigh of relief on my part. (Can you imagine working so long and hard on something you really believe in - only to find the market for it just exists in your head! Nightmare city.)

Annie Abbott blog

But retail is tough … boutiques are nervous to try new brands … and it takes time to spread the word on our tiny marketing budget. So, as the kung fu master once said to his protégé … “patience young grasshopper”. And patience is something I have buckets of. So, my friends …

Annie Abbott blog

… So, how was that Luce? What would you like to hear about next week dear sister - the highs and lows of quick-books accounting software perhaps??? … No, I didn’t think so.

*If you hadn’t caught onto the current stockists, you can find their details on the stockist page of the website here. They are: Horse with No Name (Prahran), Cloud 9 (Beaumaris), Tinky (Geelong), House of Balaklava (Balaclava) and on-line at plus our own on-line store.

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