This time last year I officially gave birth to habbot … or rather ASIC did in the form of providing us with her incorporation documents. Mind you, the habbot in my mind is quite a bit older – more like an 8-year-old who steels my lipstick and is killing us all with her drum lessons! … but officially it was this time last year, so HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY’s are in order.

Although we are still so tiny, we have actually crossed many bridges (some sturdy, some not so) and achieved quite a lot. I’m so proud that we’re about to send our second season into production, have received some wonderful press mentions, are growing our lovely little bunch of stockists for the coming season, find ourselves in the midst of planning some exciting on-line adventures and look forward to a pop-up store for Summer.

So to all of you who have offered me your knowledge and advice (free of charge), provided us with great services, or lent your hands-on help at events – I salute you!

Thank you especially to ….

Phoebe Vile, Carolyn Donohue, Andrea Haynes, Olivia Connelly, Georgie Parker, Andrew Parker, Jason Dowd, Megan Quinn, Nelly Phelan, Inez Grigg, David Venner, Shane Carroll, Mark Quinn-Newall, Gazi (Gazi what IS your surname??), Sojin Lee, Paul Soanes, Nelson Leung, Lane Palmer, Sam Hardman, Erika Lambert, Leisa Flannery, Jacqui Tenner, Charlene Perera, Stef Skuja, Chris Taylor, Daniel Pollock, Helen Smart, Jimmy Gleeson, Julie Bongiorno, Jeff Alford, Carl & Wendy Dowd, Josh Sparks, Sophie Gannon, Tess Cameron, Gavin Robbins, Hamish Cole, Kara Considine, Penny & Stuart Whitehead, Prue Bingley, Phoebe Olsen, Jasmine Bingemann, Caroline Viska, Lisa Bell, Dena Dillon, Teena & Jamie McKenzie, Bev & Jeff Cohen, Lucy O'Conner, Charlotte Barnaby, Cath Maple-Brown, Sally Linley, Jemima & Arabella Whyte, Kamahl Najar, Luigi & Peppe, Matt & Siobhan Koopmans, Sandie Pullen, Sami Mitchel, Ben Dowling and Matt Shelton. (Jeez - who have I forgotten)


To all those friends who’ve given me encouragement along the way, or have spread the ‘habbot’ word - seriously so much of this business is a result of your kind Chinese whispers.


The clever and very good looking stylists and editors who chose to feature habbot in their work from these media sources; Grazia, Instyle, Marie Claire, WHO, OK magazine, Herald Sun, The Age Melbourne Mag, Shop til you Drop, Cosmo Health, Bride to Be, Rag Trader, City Weekly, StyleMelbourne, Broadsheet, Sharman Says.


My extraordinary family, the Hawthornes and Abbotts. Jo, Peter, Lucy, Mark, Suse, Hame, Colleen, Bruce, Steve and Jane … your support, encouragement and heavy lifting skills amaze me.


And finally ….. Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. You know it, I know it. If it weren’t for your ridiculous optimism, ‘hair-brain’ ideas, unwavering support and three-quarter-time speeches she wouldn’t have made it past 6 months.

I hope we’ll be here in 5 years time to THANK YOU all over again – with a trip to a private island as a gift perhaps, rather than just a mention in my blog. Right now, the way I’m feeling today, I honestly think it will happen. With hard work and a small amount of magic, anything is possible I say!


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