Hard at work in Italy ...

Our Italian shoe makers are putting the finishing touches on the Autumn Winter 2012 collection as we speak! (Yes - they are working through Christmas to make up for some lost time caused by a leather delay).

Normally I would be there during these final stages, but everything was progressing very well last time I visited (in November) and so I took the opportunity to stay at home and open the Chapel street store. Consequently, there has been a lot of skyping and photos being emailed back and forth. Here are a few they just sent of the hand painted styles with brogue punching detail.

Annie Abbott blog

Although it’s pretty hot in Melbourne right now, I’m already thinking about all the winter wardrobe possibilities of this group. I'm not wanting to play favourites, but the “Juggler” chelsea boot is my secret pick of them at this stage!

(They’re available to purchase in Feb/March. Sign up to the newsletter on the home page for exact dates.)

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