I found myself in wonderland.

Alice is forever and she is alive. That is why I am in Wonderland.
Alice's story encapsulates colour, intellect and best of all, imagination.
I remember snuggling to up to her tale,
under the warm bed covers,
reading her story of madness and mayhem.
I hoped that perhaps,
that night,
I may end down the rabbit hole also.
The book was a gift that inspired.

habbot’s new spring 2014 collection is inspired by Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, written of course by the one and only Lewis Carroll.
It’s one of the most imaginative pieces of writing I know and has stood the test of time both in terms of originality and quality.
I’ve borrowed colour references from the many versions of Alice,
and translated them into my shoes.
The softness and femininity of her pale blue and white pinafore is a cleverly orchestrated contrast to the vibrant setting and inhabitants of Wonderland .
This inspired me to select a similarly diverse palette that illustrators used to link Alice to her strange new world.
Many of my chosen colours and materials are my interpretations of specific characters within the story.
The ‘treacle’ ballet in aquamarine and silver stripe is clearly an Alice-inspired style,
the ‘dee’ glitter lace-up has a definite white-rabbit-wearability to it.
Boldly striped ballet flats are a nod to the Cheshire cat,
black and white leather combinations link back to the monochrome queen of heart’s playing card soldiers.
Inspirations have come from a quote or passage in the books such as the ‘riddle’
silver desert boot or the canary yellow hole punch brogue which I see more as a reflection of the underlying strength of character Alice draws on as the story unfolds.
It’s these layers to the story that make it such a special piece of writing.
The messages in the story are many and varied from one reader to the next, but I think we can all take something away from Lewis Carroll’s work that will either
uplift us or remind us that a bit of ‘madness’ in life is actually a good thing.
If an unexpected path leads to a potentially colourful outcome then it’s a path worth taking. 

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