Introducing habbot

Welcome to the very first blog entry of ‘habbot story’ …. a blog about a new shoe collection I’m working on here in Melbourne and planning to launch for Autumn Winter 2011.

I’ve been grand planning the brand in my mind for several years now, but lightning struck around New Year and I decided I was ready and 2010 was the right time to start!

So, with quite a bit of boring (but oh-so-important) planning and administration underway, I have begun the more rewarding part of designing the first winter collection (Autumn Winter 2011) …. And am very excited about the results so far. I’m so pleased with them in fact, that I’m feeling rather sparkly and positive about the potential success of my first range and am now happy to share my ideas and thoughts with the world … and hope that there may be a few people out there that might like to respond with your comments on how you think I’m tracking!

My brand is called habbot, and it’s all about sophisticated dress shoes with big personalities! I’m assembling a variety of styles all linked by a sense of French-chic-on-the-dance-floor that I struggle to find now-a-days both at home and abroad. My designs are unique yet not overly complicated and are being hand made in Italy from the most beautiful materials. I do plan to have a lot of fun with colours and materials though – so prepare yourself! The quality is amazing (especially considering the pricing will sit well below other international designer brand footwear made in the very same regions of Italy).

Here is a little snapshot of a few of my inspirations and some of the black and white ‘prototype samples’ for AW2011 just to give you an idea of where the first range is heading …. plenty of colour yet to come!!

Annie Abbott blog
My plan with this blog is just to drop a few lines and images each week about how the brand is progressing so please go ahead and click to ‘subscribe’ for regular updates.

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