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Time has completely run away with me these past 2 weeks and so this post is a touch 'belated'. My apologies ... I hope you have managed without it!!!

The photo shoot with GAZi went really well and I am now a step closer to completing my first habbot collection 'look-book'. I have included a few photos I took at the studio on my trusty canon.

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Even though it's a really tiny collection, we took around one hundred shots from several different angles of the shoes (so I can use them in my web store later on). It was a pretty long day when you add the fact that GAZi is a mighty fussy fella when it comes to getting the lighting and presentation of the shoe perfect for every shot.... But I wouldn’t want it any other way! (I have worked with him before, and I must say - if you’re ever in the market for a very relaxed guy, with very high standards when it comes to photography, then he’s your man).

A last minute stroke of luck occurred when my brilliant friend Sarah loaned us her legs for a few 'shoes on feet' shots. I dashed out and grabbed the snazziest wolford stockings I could find, Sar gave us her best 'swan lake', and some very special Kodak moments were born! - thank you thank you thank you Miss Sarah.

The talented Steph is now working her graphic design magic, and if all goes to plan ... 'Voila' ... the look-book should be ready to send out to potential customers in a jiffy!

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