Lobsters in my bed!

Hello Bologna.

As I checked into my bologna hotel ‘The Albergo Cappello Rosso’ today, Yarno - the friendly hotel manager cautioned me about the room I’d been assigned. He described it as a very special room that has been styled by an Italian designer, Mauro Tinti in the theme of Elsa Schiaparelli … and her shocking pink signature! Naturally … I couldn’t wait to see what awaited me in room 202!

… this is the result!

Annie Abbott blog

Some crafty scrap-booker had even put together a big pink book about Elsa and her ‘colourful’ past. I was curious about the big plastic lobsters scattered around the room - on the back of the chair even! And happy to learn (via the scrapbook) that it all makes complete sense when you consider she created the ‘lobster dress’ inspired by Salvador Dali! Handy to know that she also came up with other key fashion notions such as - shoulder pads, colour matched zippers, character buttons and the tennis skirt!

… I also noted the quote painted in reverse on the wall (so as to read correctly in the huge wall mirror)

“never fit the dress to the body …but train the body to fit the dress” ….. hmmmph, do you think Elsa was trying to tell me something here?

I kept Elsa’s comments in mind as I began the first of my ‘Bolognese’ comparisons.

Annie Abbott blog

Comments: This Bolognese was better than most, but I know Bologna can do better. The sauce lacked some 'depth' in my opinion! .... Stay tuned for tomorrow’s next tasting!

Tomorrow I’m off to Lineapelle Leather fair to find materials for Spring Summer 2012 … so snapped a few colour inspiring shots before I made my way back to the hotel for a sound nights sleep with my new lobster mates.

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