Meet the new bags ...

Today we launched our very first collection of bags and purses! I’ve been working on the idea for a while now but it took a long time to find the perfect maker … i.e. 2 trips to Italy … but I’m very happy with the results and the wait was worth it.

The team we are using are a small family owned factory (just like our shoe makers) but they do some small runs for a couple of big International brands. I can’t name names, but it was a great indication of their workmanship and I knew I was onto a good thing when I found them!

Personally, I really like a bag that ‘gets the job done’ with minimal fuss … so my first collection is really practical, with simple hardware and of course made from really fine yet robust leathers.

I hope you like them, and would love any feedback as I’m heading away next week to work on the next collection.

Take a look on the website here to see the beginning of what I hope will be an exciting new chapter for habbot! 

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