Milan window update

During my recent trip to Milan I was pleased to find they were upholding their usual awesome standards in window displays. I guess its Milan so it’s kind of their ‘duty’ to do this … but still it should be applauded.

Special mention must always go to la Rinascente department store. This place is not only a treat for the eyes on the outside, its downright heavenly on the inside. The bag floor in particular holds a special place in my heart. It’s as if candy coloured / tutti frutti colour palettes (my favourite type) are always en vogue here. Even if they’re not! To avoid incarceration I didn’t take any photos inside so you’ll just have to go there to see for yourself. You can’t miss it – it’s the store near that massive church!

Annie Abbott blog I do love a window display on a grand scale – no dainty dolls house style set ups for me. The further away you have to be from the window to take it all in, the better! If you can suspend mannequins from an 7 metre high window then do it … if there’s the option to oversize a chest of drawers to fill the same window then please, be my guest.

Having said this, the Tods window is a great example that you don’t have to use elaborate sets to create an amazing and eye-catching showcase. You just have to keep it balanced and let the product take full credit. (It helps if the ‘product’ is perhaps the most stunning printed leather skirt you’ve ever seen!)

Annie Abbott blog I love window shopping in Milan. I suppose most people would. It appears that a lot of people like 'actual' shopping in Milan too. In addition to the wall to wall eye candy there is such a buzz about the place. The main shopping district is teaming with ‘shoppers’. People getting excited about beautiful things and forking out to purchase them. I miss this a bit in Melboune, except during sale period and that’s not really the same vibe now is it? Maybe we need more suspended mannequins in Australia. What do you think? annie x

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