Summer 2012 – OMG!

For the past 10 days I’ve been thinking about new designs for Spring Summer 2012 – "surely not already" I hear you say. But yes, the road is long and winding … and to get through the many stages involved in designing an Italian made shoe collection, due in stores in August 2012, I need to start now!

This early design phase is absolutely my favourite part of the process (the selling of the collection being my least favourite – just in case you were wondering) … and it’s during this time that I feel very lucky to be doing this. As I always say – I’m not sure where the habbot path will lead … but when I’m tucked away in my studio, pen-in-mouth, iTunes humming, swimming in screwed up bits of paper, masking tape, and reference books I feel like it’s the most exciting thing in the world and I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China.

Annie Abbott blog

As I progress through the very first stages of drawing the designs onto the taped up shoe lasts I am always thinking of Ms habbot, and would she wear what I’m drawing. It’s tricky because there’s a lot of her in me, but we are not entirely the same person (for example, she spends much more time and effort on grooming than I do, her disposable income is healthier than mine right now, and she owns matching sets of lingerie!) So I have to be careful not to wander off the track and start designing shoes for someone else which can easily happen depending on my mood at the time. To help me with this, I’ve made a collage of images of women who I think fit the habbot customer profile and have pinned it to my studio wall.

I am off to Italy again on Tuesday to start working with my pattern maker on these new designs, and also to oversee production of the Spring Summer 2011 shoes. I must say, I'm very pleased at the thought of bringing my 2nd round of habbot shoes to life whilst I'm there.

x Annie

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