Technology Milestones | habbot

This week habbot took two great technological leaps forward..., firstly, a simple version of the website went live, and secondly I worked out how to check emails on my iphone - both monumental! So now people will be able to easily see my shoes on-line, and then let me know about it when I’m at the movies, getting my hair 'done', or even as I sleep! Perfect.

Only thing I haven' t managed yet is to get the products to scroll along the page when viewing the site on my iphone (of all things)! (Next week for this final triumph as my lovely web designer has gone on holidays until then!!!)

I should mention that the website is just acting as an on-line catalogue at this stage, and the bigger version with a knockout e-commerce store will be coming later. (I will make a big song and dance about that when it happens).

..... But do go ahead and check it out if you’re interested at

Below are a couple of the design ideas I chose from. I'm a big fan of uncomplicated (but high performing) websites ... so number 1 was the winner.

option 1

Annie Abbott blog

option 2

Annie Abbott blog

option 3

Annie Abbott blog

Product page example

Annie Abbott blog

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