... the GREATEST (leather) SHOW ON EARTH!

After a really productive trip, I am back home in Melbourne now - this always makes me very happy!

As promised, I just wanted to include a bit more detail about the Bologna Leather Fair I visited two weeks ago, known as Lineapelle.

I know I’ve talked about the fair before, so won’t bang on about it too much, but here are a few pics just to remind you of its size - 8 exhibition halls in total. Mama mia! (However, I found out this time that several years back it was about 5 times the size - Incredible! This also just goes to show how the industry has changed with much more sourcing taking place in Asia now.)

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Most big design houses source their leather from the tanneries at this fair - and they are of course very proud of these relationships (note the blue PRADA bag on display at 'Conceria Arnella S.p.a'). So, as you would imagine, there are big bucks involved in making the most 'impressive' presentation possible.

Annie Abbott blog
I managed to take some highly ILLEGAL shots of the heavily patrolled ‘trend’ section of the fair which includes the top secret ‘colour’ palette forecasts for next year which are put together by a panel of industry trend forecasters! (Not sure exactly who these colour gurus are). But I got out my nifty ‘pantone’ charts and matched the colours to their predictions.

Here is 1 of their palette forecasts - and if you’d like the other 4 (without the cost of an airfare) - I’ve posted details on how to get the rest of them on the habbot studios facebook page here.

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