The naming game

Now that things are hotting up on the sample completion front it's time to choose names for my designs.

I've always thought that I would give my shoes interesting names that say something about them..., rather than calling them "Linda" or "Suzy" like some other brands do. Habbot shoes are made for 'walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk', and I don’t want to bring them into the world with 'powder-puff' identities and nothing to say.

... having said all of this, it's actually quite tricky coming up with a name that is unique, but not ridiculous or trying-too-hard. So I'm going to throw open my ideas and let you help me make the decision.

I think the chosen names for each style should suit the shoe, and also have some relevance to the inspiration behind the design. My first collection of nine different styles is a mix of old world glamour and modern day merriment to wear when you're feeling smart, shiny and ready-to-go. So I’ve come up with a bunch of name ideas that I associate with this feeling ... and what I like to do when I have it!

Here is my short list:

My adored city bars such as Melbourne's own; Siglo, Silk road, Misty place or Emerald peacock.

Cocktail favourites such as; Kir royale, Shirley Temple, Kiwi Bellini or Tom Collins.

Dance classics such as; Cha cha, Charleston, Tango or foxtrot. ( ... in my dreams!)

Iconic theatres and band venues such as; Regent, Her Majesty’s, The Forum, Malthouse.

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Here's a photographic reminder of some prototypes, so with this in mind, please tick the box of the type of name you like the best in the poll!

(Or if you have different thoughts altogether then leave me a note in the 'comments' section below).

Once again, huge thanks for your help and involvement. Who knows – one day I might name a shoe after you!

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