The Sound of Sydney ....

We’ve received a bunch of emails over the past week from people in NSW wanting to know when we’ll get some stockists in Sydney. (A lot of this feedback was due to the article that ran in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD on-line about the Melbourne pop-up shop. Read it here.)

So, although we don’t yet have a sales agent in Sydney I decided to contact a bunch a boutiques directly. Based on the emailed suggestions I chose 10 Sydney stores to approach with our Winter 2012 collection.

Annie Abbott blog

This morning I gave ten look-books a motivational pep-talk, bid them so-long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu and sent them off in the post. Go get ‘em kids.

Let’s see if anything comes of it!

Annie Abbott blog

p.s. did I ever mention that I played the part of Louisa in the Sound of Music as a pimply thirteen year old? You betcha I did. That’s the real ‘Louisa’ second from right. (My family told me I gave her a run for her money .... but then again, they would say that wouldn't they!)

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