5 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Look (without ruffling too many feathers!)

You don’t settle for drab outfits when you’re out with friends.

So, why let things get boring at the office?

Find out how to express your true personality at the office without losing any cred amongst your peers.

The key to stylish office dressing (without the boredom factor) starts with your shoes.

1. Keep it practical, but unconventional.

Make a statement when you’re on-the-move in a memorable block heel without slipping up.

If you’re in a fast-paced workplace it’s best to dress on the safe side (to avoid any unexpected mishaps) and rely on an amazing block heeled shoe to raise the interest factor.

2. Balance classic chic clothing with statement footwear.

Keep your credibility intact, but also your colleagues intrigued and on their toes.

Create a no-nonsense impression with tailored dressing punctuated with a remarkable colour statement shoe choice.

3. Add intrigue to your monochromatic black wardrobe with texture and detail.

Up the interest factor of classic black by avoiding plain flat leathers and seeking out unique details.

Elevate an ‘all-black’ ensemble by steering towards shoes made from textured leathers or with buckles, fringes or tassel details.

4. Climb Your Career Ladder in designer sneakers.

No longer the domain of the ‘creative’ type, hi-end sneakers say “I’m ready to roll, let’s get the job done”.

The days of high-heels and twin-sets are long gone. Put yourself in the spotlight in the chicest Italian made designer trainers.

5. Wear ‘new’ shoes every day with interchangeable accessories.

And save a penny whilst you’re at it. 

Refresh your classic styles with coloured laces, tassels or fringes. The possibilities are limitless.

  We champion independent expression and creativity.  

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“What we choose to wear constitutes a uniform. It signals an idea of who we think we are and what group we see ourselves belonging to.”

- Annie Abbott, founder, habbot.