The Ultimate Guide to Italian Leather Boots

The Ultimate Guide to Italian Leather Boots

We all know what the frosty morning air, piles of leaves, knitted jumpers and hot cups of tea mean - it’s finally boot season. Nothing says winter chic quite like the perfect pair of Italian leather boots, so below we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions about these wardrobe staples!

Are Italian Leather Boots Warm in Winter?

Italian leather boots are some of the best shoes to have on your feet in winter. Just like your skin, genuine leather is a breathable, absorbent, and porous natural material. Because of this combination of breathable and insulating qualities, genuine Italian leather boots will help you retain body heat, while sweat and perspiration will be wicked away – the perfect combination for happy feet in winter! 

When looking for boots that are breathable and warm, you’ll also want to consider the lining of the boot, as this layer is closest to your foot and can impact the level of airflow coming through. So look for leather boots that are also leather lined. Every habbot shoe features an inner lining of high grade, supple goat leather for long term comfort and the highest level of breathability. 

Our Top Tip: More boot height means more warmth, so opt for a knee-high style (like the zecca, featured below) if you need extra insulating qualities.

Are Italian Leather Boots Good Quality?

Italian leather boots are widely regarded as some of the best quality footwear available. Finely handcrafted from the highest quality materials, habbot boots utilise generations of shoe making experience to keep you warm, comfortable and stylish in the cooler months. The benefits of genuine Italian leather boots also show through wear; Italian leather will mould to the shape of your foot, in a way that faux leather will not.

Our Top Tip: Read the reviews. Quality boots will often come with quality reviews.

Are Italian Leather Boots Durable?

Winter weather can be harsh on footwear, however quality Italian leather boots are made to last. At habbot, carefully chosen materials meet generations of shoemaking experience to ensure that you’ll be loving your boots for years to come. When picking a winter boot for durability, there are a few things to consider! Firstly, have a look at how the sole is constructed; a topyed or rubber sole offers extra traction and support in a more durable construction, making it the perfect choice for weekend walks and everyday errands. Alternatively, leather soled boots offer an additional layer of breathability and a slimline profile but are more suited to office days and indoor nights out. Secondly, consider the leather type. A patent or high shine leather will hold up better than a suede on those rainy autumn days.

Our Top Tip: a little TLC goes a long way! Read our handy tips below to find out how to keep your boots looking their best for several seasons of use.

How To Care for Italian Leather Boots?

To make sure your boots withstand the wear and tear of winter weather, follow some of our leather shoe care tips below:

1. Wipe down your boots to keep them clean and debris free: We all know that winter weather comes with muddy, rainy footpaths and these contaminants can slowly wear away at your boots. Depending on how often you wear your boots, you’ll want to periodically wipe them down with a cloth. Depending on the leather type, you may also want to moisturise them every month or so, head over to our shoe care page and find your boot’s leather type for some more specific details. 

2. Store long boots with a shaper: Make sure your knee highs keep their shape and don’t develop a crease  line by storing them stuffed. Each habbot long boot will come with a complimentary cardboard shaper.

3. Leather soles and puddles don’t mix: With this sole type, try not to wear your boots on particularly rainy days, and if they do get wet, make sure to dry out the boots slowly away from external heat sources like a heater.

4. At the end of winter, give your boots a proper clean and layer of conditioner if the leather type calls for it. Once dry, stuff the toes with acid free paper (old socks will also work in a pinch) and pop in a cardboard boot shaper. We recommend storing your boots in their original shoe box over summer, so they’ll be ready for you to pull out first thing next winter!

Italian leather boots are a quality investment for your winter wardrobe. Durable and timeless, a boot will carry you through winter season after season. Explore our boot range here.

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tenca - anthracite

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razzi - black

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