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LEATHER. Leather is a natural material and as such it requires nourishment to maintain its appearance and durability. Without adequate nourishment leather can dry out and become stiff and even crack.

Always use products that are made for delicate leathers when caring for your fine leather items, and be aware that care products made for outdoor/hiking shoes or garments can often be too harsh and strip away colour and natural oils of fine leather. The best products are water based (not solvent based) and penetrate into the leather rather just sitting on top of the surface.

Use a soft white pencil eraser to remove small marks and a gentle leather soap to address more stubborn problems. Leather can be professionally cleaned for difficult of delicate areas.

A light leather conditioner such as acts as a moisturizer and should be used every few weeks for regularly worn shoes. This can be applied with a soft white cloth and buffed off with the same. We recommend ‘4 leather – conditioner’.

SUEDE. Suede is leather that has been cut and brushed to give soft feel and matte finish. Because of its porous nature, it requires protection to shield against other liquids seeping into the base leather. This can easily be achieved by using a protector spray every 4-5 wears. A water based spray that penetrates the suede will ensure a deep coverage, and will not alter the colour as some solvent based sprays can do (aerosols). We recommend ‘4 leather – protector spray’.

A soft brush can be used to remove marks from suede, and a ‘suede block’ is a perfect solution to more stubborn marks. Heavy liquid stains can be absorbed by applying talcum powder immediately after spillage, and brushed off once dry. Like leather, suede can also be professionally cleaned for difficult areas.

Suede should not be stored in direct sunlight for long periods of time as the colour (particularly red and blue) will fade more readily than smooth leather, however it can also be ‘dyed’ very successfully to renew the colour if necessary.

TEXTILE / FABRIC. All textiles used in habbot are treated with a waterproofing solution and are reinforced to give them the same durability as leather. They will not ‘give’ around the foot as much as leather will due to the woven construction of the reinforcing material, however the internal leather lining will. Despite the waterproof treatment applied prior to making, we do recommend you maintain this water repellent state by treating all textile pieces with a protector spray as per the suede instructions.

PATENT LEATHER. Our patent leathers are suede based which provides a softer more flexible fit that can easily be revived using conditioning cream or Vaseline applied with a soft cloth and excess removed. These treatments will not penetrate far into the leather but will review a shiny finish. Take care not to puncture the leather as this is generally permanent and not considered a fault of the leather.

METALLIC LEATHER. Metallic leathers are prone to scuffing so take care of these beauties by avoiding situations where your shoes upper may scrape against the floor such as driving or colliding with furniture and other hard surfaces! To re-invigorate them, use a dry soft cloth to remove light dust/dirt or apply a light formula of gel polish (such as saphir) which favours shiny leathers, rather than more waxy polishes which will penetrate the leather and may weaken the foil metallic finish. Never rub or buff the metallic leather, and always allow to dry naturally at room temperature when wet.

'PONY' HAIR. Our 'Pony' hair material is natural cow hide. Always spray water proofer every 3- 4 wears, spray from a 30-40 cm distance as normal. Brush in a different direction to expose unsprayed areas and repeat the process. Allow to dry naturally away from heat. Dirt can be brushed out with a shoe brush.

GLITTER FINISH LEATHER. Glitter material is very durable and will not scatter. It is bonded to heavy textile and reinforced with leather backing. It does not require protective sprays or nourishment of any kind.

ABRASIVATO / HI-SHINE. Abrasivato or hi-shine leather can be easily revived by applying a wax-based product with a soft cloth, and removing the excess after allowing to dry for approx. 10 minutes. Take care not to puncture or scrape the leather as the highly polished finish is usually impossible to resurrect once it’s been removed. Click here for more leather care info.

LEATHER SOLES. Habbot use high grade Italian leather soles on our shoes which have either a soft nubucked finish for dress shoes, or smooth brushed finish for heavier wearing soles. Both types of leather soles will age beautifully and wear well if they are allowed to dry naturally at room temperature when wet. They should never be dried over a heat source as this can cause stiffness, curvature and even cracking in extreme circumstances. ‘Shoe-tree’ devices are a great way to maintain the shape of the shoe and sole, whilst allowing them to ‘air out’ when not being worn. Our leather soles can be replaced by an experienced cobbler, but should be done so before the upper material is worn into. The rubber heel plates will wear down with age and should be replaced before the stacked section of the heel is reached. If you cannot afford natural drying time between wet-weather wears we suggest you employ an experienced cobbler to apply a ‘topy’ sole – always requesting that a fine sole be used so as not to disrupt the profile and balance of the shoe.

TRAVEL CARE. When travelling, we recommend you use your breathable cotton travel bags provided to store shoes rather than plastic bags which can trap heat or cold and affect the leather. Travel-friendly non-aerosol protector spray and conditioner cream can be used to ensure you maintain the condition of your shoes whilst travelling.

HEEL GRIPS / INSOLES. Heel grips are an excellent way to customize the fit of our shoes for wearers with narrow heels and they are particularly helpful with open throat shoes such as ballet flats and court shoes. Half insoles provide approximately a ¼ size decrease to a shoe and offer more size flexibility for wearers who find their feet swell during warm weather by enabling them to remove the insole to accommodate this. We are happy to provide either of these items with compliments at time of purchase to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your shoes.  

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS. At habbot we sell and recommend ‘4 leather’ Conditioner cream and Protector Spray products that have been developed specifically for fine grade leathers such as those used to make our shoes and leather goods.

Like you, we expect you to get many happy years of wear out of your habbot purchase, and as such are always happy to answer any of your care queries. Please direct these to this email address or via our store staff. 


Most styles are only made once, so if an item is sold out unfortunately it is unlikely to be re-filled. You may however add your name to the 'waiting list' of that style to be notified if we do remake the style. This can be done by clicking the sold out size and selecting 'wait list' button. It very rarely happens, but if our stock system is incorrect, and we are unable to fill your order, you will be notified via email and refunded in full.



You are welcome to register interest for items that have sold-out on the website and may be remade in the future. You will receive an email notification if they are remade and arrive in stock and become available to purchase. To register your interest in a coming item simply click the 'wait list' button. (There is no obligation to purchase the items.)

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