habbot shoes are made using a range of premium Italian leathers. Like all quality leather products, our footwear will retain its finish and last longer with a little love and care.

Like your skin, leather is a breathable, absorbent and porous natural material that benefits the wearer by preventing perspiration and odour causing bacteria. Every habbot shoe features the addition of an inner lining of supple goat leather, aiding in long-term comfort and breathability. Our use of high-grade leather soles also assists with this process.

Leather Soles  - If your shoes become damp don’t wear them again until completely dry. Never use an intense heat source but allow to dry naturally. Having a cobbler add a ‘Topy’ rubber covering to your soles can assist in reducing long term wear and water absorption but will lessen flexibility and your shoe’s ability to breathe. We recommend rotating your footwear

Micro-foam Soles – Can be refreshed using a non-abrasive ‘sneaker cleaner’ or household liquid soap and soft toothbrush.

Heels - Consult a reputable cobbler to maintain your heels – don’t allow wear past the easily replaceable heel caps.

Storing – For travel & storage use our complimentary cotton dust bags. plastic traps in moisture.

Smooth or grain leather -  A neutral conditioner or light beeswax polish both nourishes natural leathers and adds a thin layer of weather protection. Brush to remove dirt before applying with a soft cloth or shoe-brush. Finish by buffing off excess. We recommend colour testing before full application. Avoid petroleum based outdoor boot products. A white pencil eraser removes small marks on leather uppers and white soles.

Patent and Hi-Shine leather - Treat with specially formulated patent products that clean and shine whilst protecting against cracking. While these leathers are very durable be mindful that deep scratches cannot be buffed out.

Metallic leathers – Lightly clean metallic leather using a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid heavy buffing or polishes as they may cause the foil to lift or discolour. Metallic paint pens can help camouflage scuffs but deeper scratches are permanent. Avoid situations such as driving where scratching can easily occur.

Suede – Easy to maintain, suede’s porous nature benefits from the regular application of a protective spray to shield against moisture. A crepe suede brush can be used to revive the ‘nap’ and remove subtle marks. Suede can be easily revived with specialist suede shampoo or dye.

Textile/Fabric - Maintain textile footwear by regularly applying a water protective spray.

Cowhide - ‘pony hair’ is a very durable leather created by retaining hair on the hide. Good quality ‘Pony’ will rarely shed. Suede Protector spray will help maintain condition.

Glitter - Good quality bonded leather glitter shoes will initially shed a small amount of excess glitter but not continuously. Do not spray, as it will dull the shine.