Lucy Feagins from The Design Files ... talks shoes

Lucy in white habbot ‘Dee’ lace-ups inside The Design Files Open House 2014. Photo: Sean Fennessy

habbot are proud supporters of the Open House 2014, designing a limited edition capsule of shoes especially for the team to wear across the 4 days of the project (yes, you too can own a pair!)
As the images of the open house below suggest, it’s going to be rather special so we're sure to see you all there ... but in the meantime here are Lucy's answers to the BIG shoe questions!

Photo: Eve Wilson for the design files Open House.

Photo: Eve Wilson for the design files Open House.

Where was the most memorable place/s your shoes have taken you?
Actually, I recently returned from a very special honeymoon in Paris, London and Rome and I brought back 3 pairs of amazing shoes - in their boxes!

How do you store your shoes – are you a box stacker, a shoe rack fan, or a pile builder?
Girly shoes always in their boxes, sneakers / converse in a bit of a jumble I’m afraid!

When you arrive home, where do you kick off your shoes? Coffee table, front door, under the couch?
I must admit at the moment I’m so busy in the lead up to Open House, my shoes seem to end up all over the house - a pair under the coffee table, another at the bottom of the stairs, one in the bathroom… you get the idea! I think I’ve temporarily regressed to my teenage years.

What’s your earliest shoe memory?
My earliest shoe memory would be having lollipop pink hi-top converse in primary school and decorating them with glitter pens and biro. I think I was channeling a kind of ‘Punky Brewster’ vibe.

What’s your go-to shoe?
I do love my new habbot Veruca stripe loafers - the colours are so pretty!

Are you a socks or no-socks person?
I have just discovered no-show socks. I may never wear a normal sock again.

We can’t wait to reveal the capsule collection we’ve put together to celebrate this fantastic Melbourne event and the artists and craftspeople it showcases very soon ... so stay tuned!
The open house is being held on 4th-7th December in Collingwood. Click here for more details.  

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