Remarkable Royal Botanic Runway

Last week the Royal Botanic Runway left us all gob smacked! I knew it would be good … but they took good and raised it to the power of 12. To the power of incredible you might say. It’s difficult to explain the perfect blend of nature, colour, texture, sound and even smell … and I hate to say it (for those of you who weren’t ) but you really did have to be there to appreciate it fully. Having said that, there are some fantastic images and videos circulating which do a pretty good job at expressing what a fantastic night it was.
Our photos give you a rough idea of the huge scope of the ‘performance’ … the lengthy trek the girls had to take to complete the runway – drenched in full sun at 6pm – not to mention the hilly terrain they had to contend with. With two finale laps the guests got to see the four collections 3 times which was unusual and much appreciated. Congratulations to event gallery and everyone associated with it, and especially to stylist Emily Ward for inviting us to provide the shoes for Martin Grant. (Wedges from our upcoming AW14 collection). Such a pleasure.
p.s. view some fantastic casting and before shots here, and additional photo galleries here, here and here.

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