#shoesnoop | Alice Oehr

Not all illustrators are created equal, most can draw and do it superbly, but then there are others who can REALLY draw. Melbourne-based graphic artist and illustrator Alice Oehr falls into this latter category. Working out of her home studio in Abbotsford alongside her trust intern/British Shorthair cat Otto, Alice creates a wonderful world of colour. 

Obsessed with food, much of Alice’s work is steeped in the edible, and when she’s not drawing food she is most likely cooking and eating it. A published editorial, commercial and book illustrator, Alice extends her love of graphics and art to her wardrobe, which is jam-packed with printed textiles, colour and tactile fabrics that all tell a story. It’s a similar situation with her shoe collection, where even a basic sneaker is not a basic sneaker when Alice is around. 

What was the first pair of shoes you remember owning as a kid, and why did you love them? 

A pint-sized pair of jelly sandals! Throughout my childhood I owned many pairs, gradually the size would get larger, but the glitter and style of the shoe remained pretty consistent. The standouts for me were my green, hot pink and gold glitters pairs. To be honest I think any shoes that feature gold glitter are loved by children and adults alike. 

What pair of shoes are you still lusting over from childhood? 

I had narrow feet when I was young, which meant that there were just some shoes styled that would never fit me, no matter how much I attempted to delude myself they would. I remember quite vividly that there was a pair of Converse All Star suede slip-ons that my friend owned in primary school that I was green with envy over. But wearing them would have been a constant OH&S nightmare, so sadly I never realised this footwear dream!

What do you think your current shoe collection says about you?

My collection says I’m all about comfort and practicality, which is a necessity when you ride a bike to and from everywhere, like I do. Fingers crossed, my collection is also chic. 

I own no heels, but do love a platform, which are very bike-friendly. My sneaker collection is getting a little out of control, but there are so many dressy varieties available these days, it’s NOT adding to the collection. 

You love a platform, obviously! What is about Tape that makes it the ultimate chic shoe for the bike-rider?

If I need some extra height I'm going for a platform or not at all. Tape sandals are the ultimate day-to-night/dress-it-up/dress-it-down shoe. They'll be getting a lot of outings on the bike this summer.

Where do you hope your habbots take you this Summer?

To many good parties and the dance floor!

What is your all time favourite pair of shoes? 

I love my dressier pairs of shoes and feel great when I wear them. Having said that I am super loyal to my white leather Spring Court sneakers. I have never had a more comfortable pair of shoes in my life and you can kind of get away with wearing them anywhere, even fancy places. Not bad for a modest pair of sneakers!

Heels or flats? And why? 

Flats. I’m always on my bike and while I do love wearing heels I love riding my bike more. 

What has been your biggest splurge on shoes? 

A pair of criss-cross Marni sandals. It was just one of those situations where there were a few signs from the universe that these sandals were meant to be mine or so I keep telling myself. They were the last pair, in my size and I was on holiday, that’s the retail justification trinity right there. 

Where’s the best place your shoes have taken you? 

Those Spring Courts have taken me all round Japan, France and Italy. I couldn’t really ask more of a pair of shoes. 

Be honest, do you keep your shoes in out of the box?

Absolutely out of the box. I’m a messy person.

What type of shoe would you never been seen in?

Toning shoes! I remember them being big in the ‘00s, they had a curved sole and apparently when you wore them felt like you were carrying bags of sand. No thanks. And I could never wear heeled thongs. Sooooo wrong!

What’s your biggest shoe regret? 

Once I got a touch of Tokyo fever and bought some Jeremy Scott x Adidas collaboration sneakers that were inspired by Pebbles Flintstone. They were white with aqua, purple and leopard skin panels and each one had three large plastic bones up the front that attached to the laces. I still like how wild they were, but outside of Tokyo, just not a good look for me.

Your verdict on ugg boots out in public, yes or no?

Definitely not. Uggs aren’t even that easy to walk in once you leave the lounge 
room, surely there’s always a better option for public consumption. 

If you were a shoe what pair would you be / what would you look like?

I hope I would be a pair of those sneakers that are a bit more dressy (translation: a bit over the top, a total rip off), but they’re nice enough to wear to a smart occasion and great for day-to-day.

How many pairs of shoes are too many? 

I reckon anything more than 20 is getting a bit dangerous. Where would I keep them? 

Finish this sentence: Whatever happened to the Old Lady who lived in a shoe…

Old-age and a desire for comfort got the better of her and she downsized into an ugg boot.

To find out more about Alice Oehr website here, follow her on Instagram. 
Alice chooses habbot’s Tape to get her from A to B this summer.