Talking shoes with Megan Park for MSFW

We are so pleased to be supporting Megan Park again this year at MSFW during the 'Designer - Resort’ show tomorrow night.

I thought I had a ‘thing’ for beautiful detailing and craftsmanship, but Megan gives me a run for my money when you consider the stunning work that goes into the fabrics she designs for each of her collections. The garment silhouettes are beautifully understated – it’s the fabrics that really set her work apart. The printed colour and hand beading is something to behold. I like to think we make a great pairing … and luckily so does she! Be sure to check out the show if you can. Tickets can be booked here.

In between the busy preparation for this week, Megan took a minute to answer a few important shoe questions for us to share with you. Thanks Megan.

Do you have a special Shoe memory in your childhood or teenage years?
At the age of 8, I embraced my inner hippie which saw me proudly wearing my treads. They were the craze in country Victoria in the 70's- the sole was made from car tire with a lattice work of leather strips forming the upper. Totally unattractive on reflection.

If you could only own one pair of shoes, what would they be?
David Bowies' Ziggy Stardust boots

Where was the most memorable place/s your shoes have taken you?
Balenciaga wedges for our wedding day, Knee High Red or Dead boots onto the dancefloors of London clubs in the 90's and Indian chappels I still always revert to when in India.

How do you store your shoes; are you a box stacker, a shoe rack, or a pile?
Each in their own drawstring cloth bags within our shoe drawers which are large and shallow.

When you arrive home where do you kick off your shoes?
At the front door