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  • #shoesnoop | Cassie Lucas

    #shoesnoop | Cassie Lucas

    Everyone in life should have a friend like Cassie Lucas of Firecracker. She is one of the warmest, kindest and most enthusiastic people going around. She is also a... Read More

  • #shoesnoop | Jo Hook

    #shoesnoop | Jo Hook

    Jo Hook designs lives. A trained NLP Practitioner, Jo Hook is a small business mentor and life designer. She got into the business of... Read More

  • #shoesnoop | Cristina and Isabella Toscano

    #shoesnoop | Cristina and Isabella Toscano

    The phrase ‘like mother, like daughter’ could not ring more true for Cristina and Isabella Toscano. This dynamic duo are two of the warmest and... Read More

  • #shoesnoop | Emma Nicholas-Jennings

    #shoesnoop | Emma Nicholas-Jennings

    Gelato always saves the day. Gelato brings people together. Gelato can lift your mood from zero to hero in less than five seconds. Now imagine being the... Read More

  • #shoesnoop | Alice Oehr

    #shoesnoop | Alice Oehr

    Not all illustrators are created equal, most can draw and do it superbly, but then there are others who can REALLY draw. Melbourne-based graphic artist and... Read More

  • #shoesnoop | Simone Haag

    #shoesnoop | Simone Haag

    There are two types of people in the world: those who wear shoes and those who love shoes.

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  • #shoesnoop - Clare Cousins

    #shoesnoop - Clare Cousins

    Architects tend to think of things from the ground up when designing a building. The foundations need to be strong and the structure reinforced or everything... Read More

  • #shoesnoop- Bonnie Ashley

    #shoesnoop- Bonnie Ashley

    Bonnie Ashley is one of the most supremely stylish people you will ever encounter. She is one of the rare types of people that can make a hessian potato sack... Read More