A year of windows ...

I’m quite partial to a fun window display especially now that a lot of Aussie stores tend to rely on simple window decals and signage rather than actual window installations. Not that I don't love a funny window decal ... Gorman I'm talking to you! But stores like Country Road, Sportsgirl and Sass & Bide still do fantastic window installations on a regular basis and we all love them for it.

Window VM is still a big deal in Europe and the UK especially - Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London are the gods of entertaining window spectacles ... with all three of the big Paris department stores coming in closely behind. Not that I’m comparing us to those ‘retail institutions’ of course, but the kid-of-a-country-town-department-store-owner in me has a fondness for fishing line and polystyrene, which is why doing the habbot windows is one of my favourite parts of the job!

So here’s a wrap up of our windows over the past 12 months. x annie