Over to Clea Garrick from Limedrop!

Although Clea Garrick of Limedrop is the last creative we’ll be questioning about their shoe wearing ways, Clea is the first to speak at our ‘Conversations in Design’ series, part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015 curated program.

The label Limedrop signifies bold silhouettes, electric digital prints and distinctive tailoring and captures the essence of freedom, discovery, independence and modernity of Australian fashion.

From Clea

Do you have a special shoe memory from your childhood or teenage years?
When I was a teenager, I bought red platform Mary-Jane heels. I was already towering over everyone as a 6 foot girl but just couldn't resist them. I imagined I was like Dorothy and could click my heels to magical avail.

If you could only own one pair of shoes, what type would they be?
I have a vision of myself in stiletto heels, but in truth, it would be sneakers at the moment so I am ready for action.

Where was the most memorable place/s your shoes have taken you?
There are so many wonderful places. I am so lucky to be living my dream. It would have to be to my Limedrop shop. It's such a pleasure to see such a welcoming, open space in the stunning Cathedral Arcade. You must come to see the heritage-listed lead lighting! Jaw dropping.

How do you store your shoes – are you a box stacker, a shoe rack, or a pile? When you arrive home, where do you kick off your shoes?
I store my shoes in a neat line in my walk in wardrobe, mostly- although sometimes I do take them off randomly in the house and have to search for them the next day! I love wearing slippers around the house- it makes me feel like I'm at a resort and living glamorously.

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