Q&A with Renee Brown

Now that you know who the four leading Melbourne creatives taking part in our ‘Colour in Design’ conversation series are, I thought I’d give you an insight into their shoe wearing ways!

First off is Renee Brown, Jardan’s creative de force.

Do you have a special shoe memory from your childhood or teenage years?
Yes definitely, I had a black patent leather pair of winkle pickers when l was about 14.

If you could only own one pair of shoes, what type would they be?
A fabulous sandal or anything flat.

Where was the most memorable place/s your shoes have taken you?
Cannes film festival

How do you store your shoes – are you a box stacker, a shoe rack, or a pile?
Shoe rack and each season I pop away in a box . Then pop whatever season it may be in my shoe rack.

When you arrive home, where do you kick off your shoes?
I'm kind of a neat freak so when l get home l kick off my shoes in my bedroom and they go straight on the shoe rack in my cupboard.

Photo by James Geer.

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