To Market. Handpicked for Spring 2015.

During my last trip to Italy to design this Spring’s collection, it dawned on me that what I was doing was much like what a chef would do to create their most unique and exciting dish possible.
A chef would scour the fresh produce markets for the finest and most inspiring seasonal ingredients; inspecting anything that piques interest by sight, feel and smell.
I may not scour markets but I do trawl the textile houses and tanneries to find exceptional materials. I search high and low for the finest and most interesting leathers and textiles of the ‘season’.
I search for colour, vibrancy, freshness and irrefutable quality to bring you truly unique and inspired shoes.
Enjoy ‘To Market’ handpicked for you this Spring.

“Just as a chef would seek out the finest and tastiest produce at the market, I too search each leather and textile house high and low to bring you the finest, most unique and inspired shoes.” Annie

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