We've put together a short video from Annie, to update you on how we're handling the current COVID-19 situation at habbot.

Stay safe and take care.


Hi everyone, from the Habbot Studio in Melbourne. I hope you're safe and warm, and starting to find some order in all this chaos. It certainly brings home to me the importance of community when you're forced to isolate from the face to face version of it.

Personally, I'm riding the same roller coaster that I imagine a lot of you are. Like, some days I wake up feeling extremely anxious about the constant changing state of affairs and the unknown length of time that this will last, and other days I wake up feeling quite determined to learn from this and make use of this forced break to come out of it in a position of strength and I'm just really taking it day by day.

I've been really close to our makers in Italy over the past several weeks now. I'm really relieved to hear and let you know that Marco and his family are all still fit and well. Fortunately for us, they finished our winter collection early and we've just received and paid for that in full. It's a beautiful collection and despite the expected financial downturn, I'm still really happy to have it here to sell. I know that it's timeless nature will maintain its relevance. So, you know, I guess that's heartening to me. Like much of the local manufacturing in Le Marche region, Marco's work rooms are temporarily in lock down which will probably affect our ability to place reorders for the rest of this season, but to be honest, that's fine by me if it means that the amazing people that make our shoes are safe and well, that's certainly the most important thing.

We're trying to look after our small team here in Melbourne. We closed our stores earlier in the week and I'm allocating as many admin tasks as possible to those staff that can work from home. We very much hope to continue working with the same amazing little team once business returns to normal in the coming months.

The good thing about living right next to where you work, is that if you have a very enthusiastic husband like I do, you can still pack orders in a time of shutdown, and make videos like this one. So it's still very much business as usual for our online store. Dan and I would be only too happy to pack up an order and get it out to you.

So if you are eager to experience the new collection, we definitely want to make it as convenient and safe to shop online as ever before. There's several different ways that you can shop with us during this time of shutdown, and we're taking extra precautions to ensure that this is done in a completely safe way, as are our partners at Australia Post.

As always our online store offers both free shipping and free returns within Australia. We have a no questions asked return for exchange or refund policy and you're welcome to use Afterpay, credit card, or PayPal to place your order.

If you prefer not to use the website, we're more than happy to take phone orders, and we provide the same free shipping and returns policy as a web order. We also have a safe pick-up only service from our Collingwood studio too if you can't accept post at this time.

Don't forget about our free try at home service, where you can try four different styles on and just get charged for the pairs that you decide to keep. So see our website for more details on that one.

We are always happy to take phone calls via the phone number on the website or via social media, or email. So, certainly don't hesitate to get in touch for any extra information that you might need that our written descriptions or customer reviews don't cover. We might go a little bit mad over here, so we would definitely welcome the distraction of queries from you.

If you haven't shopped with us online before, then we'd love the opportunity to hopefully impress you with our service. And if you've done it many times, thank you so much for the support and we look forward to delivering another black box of exciting shoe goodness to your door.

That's all from me really. Please, look after yourselves. We look forward to hearing from you again soon when the time is right for you obviously. In the meantime thank you so much for listening.