We have paused our try-at-home service due to a significant spike in demand which has left us without enough boxes to meet your requests! Thanks for your patience and we will be back on-line soon.

How it works


How does the try-at-home pack work?

You choose four different shoes from our online store to make up your FREE ‘try-at-home pack’. We charge a $25 postage fee at the checkout that you can put towards your immediate purchase (or convert to a gift card for any future orders). We send out the left or right shoe of each four styles by express post to try at home for 24 hours. HINT: We recommend choosing the foot that is larger.

We will email/SMS you a form to advise us which pairs you would like to order and to indicate when you will return the pack to the post office. As soon as we receive your response, we will charge your card, and dispatch your order via regular post.

Our Free returns or exchange policy still applies to all final orders if you are not 100% happy with the fit.

Do I have to purchase a shoe after using the try-at-home service?

No, this service is completely obligation free.

Do I have to pay for my try-at-home pack?

The try-on pack is free, you will just be charged a flat rate of $25 for postage which you can put towards any future shoe purchase.

How do I return my try-at-home pack?

We will include a returns label inside of your try-at-home pack that you can tape to your box, and drop off at your closest Australia Post Office or Parcel locker.

Are returns free?

Yes, returns are free. Your try-at-home pack can be returned to the Australia Post Office or Parcel locker.

How do I select my try-at-home shoes?

Search our website like you usually would (using filters to narrow down your search) when you select a shoe you want, click the try at home button and then ‘add to cart’. Continue shopping until you’ve selected 4 shoes in total.

What happens after I have tried on my shoes?

You will receive an email and SMS containing a form to complete. This lets us know which shoes you want to purchase and when you will return your pack to the Post Office/Parcel locker. Once we have been notified of your decisions, we will charge your card and send out your complete pairs of shoes. If you decide not to order any shoes this time, we will email you out a $25 gift card (no expiry date) when your pack arrives back to us.

Do I keep the shoe from the try-at-home pack that I want to order?

No, we never send out single shoes as final orders. Generally we send out the full pair you are buying before the ‘try-at-home’ shoe has arrived back to us. The try-at-home shoe will be returned to our stock holding though so please make sure you try them on using the felt mat provided to ensure they are returned to us in 100% saleable condition. (The only exception to this is if the try-at-home shoe is the last pair in stock. In this instance we will wait for it to be returned to us before sending out the full pair by express post.)

How do I tell you which shoes I want to order?

We will send you an email and sms containing a form link. Click through and tell us which shoes you want to purchase and we’ll take it from there.

How quickly will my order arrive after I’ve used the try-at-home pack?

As soon as we receive your try-at-home response, we will send out your shoes using regular Australia Post service.

Can I pay for my shoes using PayPal or AfterPay?

No. You can only use a credit card to pay for shoes included in your try-on-pack (visa, mc, amex, union pay). If you’d prefer to use another payment method (PayPal or AfterPay) then just let us know and we can email you a ‘draft order’ so you can just complete the purchase as a regular web store order. You’ll still enjoy free shipping within Australia.

Can I apply a Discount Code or Gift Card on my try-at-home order?

Discount codes and gift cards cannot be applied as part of the try-on-pack order process. If you have a gift card you’d like to use then just let us know and we can email you a ‘draft order’ so you can just complete the purchase as a regular web store order and add your gift card code at the checkout. You’ll still enjoy free shipping within Australia.

Can I order the try-at-home pack from outside Australia?

No. Unfortunately not at this stage.

Can the try on pack be delivered to a PO box?

No. We need to use a street address to ensure the try-on-pack is delivered directly to you so that you can make the most of the 24 hour try-at-home period. Your final order can be delivered to PO box though.

I have some questions about the fit of my shoes, how can I get some advice?

You can call our helpful store team directly on 03 9917 2741 or email info@habbotstudios.com and we will be happy to help you.

Is there a limit to how many try-at-home packs I can order?

We love providing the opportunity to introduce you to our shoes via our try-at-home service and for this reason we happily cover the difference between outgoing and incoming shipping and additional administration involved. However, in order to manage these costs and enable us to continue offering the service, we need to limit the number of times a customer can use the service to once every six months.

If I still have questions what should I do? 

Email us at info@habbotstudios.com or call our office on 03 9917 2741.